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117. Legalize and Regulate Marijuana

WHEREAS, despite almost a century of prohibition, millions of Canadians today regularly consume marijuana and other cannabis products;

WHEREAS the failed prohibition of marijuana has exhausted countless billions of dollars spent on ineffective or incomplete enforcement and has resulted in unnecessarily dangerous and expensive congestion in our judicial system;

WHEREAS various marijuana decriminalization or legalization policy prescriptions have been recommended by the 1969-72 Commission of Enquiry into the Non-Medical Use of Drugs, the 2002 Canadian Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs, and the 2002 House of Commons Special Committee on the Non-Medical Use of Drugs;

WHEREAS the legal status quo for the criminal regulation of marijuana continues to endanger Canadians by generating significant resources for gang-related violent criminal activity and weapons smuggling – a reality which could be very easily confronted by the regulation and legitimization of Canada’s marijuana industry;

BE IT RESOLVED that a new Liberal government will legalize marijuana and ensure the regulation and taxation of its production, distribution, and use, while enacting strict penalties for illegal trafficking, illegal importation and exportation, and impaired driving;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a new Liberal government will invest significant resources in prevention and education programs designed to promote awareness of the health risks and consequences of marijuana use and dependency, especially amongst youth;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a new Liberal government will extend amnesty to all Canadians previously convicted of simple and minimal marijuana possession, and ensure the elimination of all criminal records related thereto;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a new Liberal government will work with the provinces and local governments of Canada on a coordinated regulatory approach to marijuana which maintains significant federal responsibility for marijuana control while respecting provincial health jurisdiction and particular regional concerns and practices.

Young Liberals of Canada
Liberal Party of Canada (British Columbia)

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  1. Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on

    Now with 11 likes this issue if a front runner
    It only took nearly 40 years and the near destruction of the party as well as the growth of another one or two other parties and even the creation of a couple more…….maybe its time to take the coward coat off and stop pretending and actually use it????

    Hmmmm….me and a couple of million friends have waited a long time… help

    I wait with baited breath


  2. Avatar of Suzzanne Jalsoviczky Suzzanne Jalsoviczky said on

    Not sure if Canadians are ready for this yet. How about decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana? This year Connecticut became the 14th U.S. state to decriminalization small amounts of pot.

  3. Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on

    @Suzzannej ….. Thanks for your view

    But I would ask …why stop there?

    And I ask you to read my comments below and then please answer about why you feel the way you do?

    Not one person has ever died from cannabis use yet some have died just from drinking too much water
    And soon even doctors will admit cannabis’s medicinal qualities with legitimacy as research is finally done as a legal substance once again

    It was a legal substance for thousands of years and even Bayer the pharmacy giants number 1 ingredient until the plant non patenting laws came in to effect

    We can talk crime and prohibition until the cows come home but ….

    Just the savings to our current systems and with soon coming 9 billion dollar new tax bills under harper for victimless personal choice crimes

    Let alone new industries and new tax dollars….we are preventing by our fears

    And if we face the fact that it will still be here whether we regulate it or not and if not we freely then continue to give criminals tax free billions with this choice

    Some also speak of “Decrim” or as you say “”lets decriminalize small amounts”"…But what is a small amount ?
    And by ignoring what decrim is in all reality …..just an illusion…you eventually have to get back to “”supply”"

    Ignore “supply” and you actually strengthen crimes hold on cannabis

    It may grow on trees but it doesn’t fall from the sky

    Imagine decrimed alcohol just for a second….legal to posses…yet illegal to produce or sell…

    Some one will make and sell it any way as history taught us and like illegal drugs today I am sure there will be dirty and spiked drugs with our ignoring controlling it …
    Just as there was in prohibition with wood alcohol being sold that caused blindness

    No…… 3 million canadians have waited 100 years for a party to find the guts….even 40 years after the liberals own LeDain study
    The 2002 Senate hearing that I attended said… LEGAL CANNABIS for anyone over 16 for good reasons

    There are already over 800,000 canadian citizens with a criminal record for a plant paying their whole lives with lost opportunities …over victim less crime

    Maybe the liberals will actually now speak for the majority of canadians when they say its time for non criminalization of personal choices especially with what facts show as harmless substances

    I would add this link

    And hope that those who do not partake or who are misinformed about this issue please take a look

    To us its as important as life and death and we again hope the liberals do not let us down…again

    We all vote ……..when there is some one to vote for
    We can ignore the liberals again but do not want to


  4. Avatar of Acacio Barros Acacio Barros said on

    Legalize it

  5. Avatar of Jonathan Toma Jonathan Toma said on

    Gasp! What would the Americans think?

    There is really no reason for the government to officially demonise marijuana anymore. It’s a waste of massive amounts of money and manpower, and it makes no sense. Of all illicit drugs it is by far the safest and most commonly used. The law is essentially a joke and finally removing it could be a huge push to our international reputation with many countries (not to mention a boost to tourism).

    But of course we have our southern neighbors. They continue this pointless crusade and legalising marijuana would likely alienate our closest trading partner and ally. This resolution takes pains to assure that illegal trading and smuggling would be strictly penalized and monitored, and of this we really need to convince the US. This is no small problem – I imagine for many in power it’s the biggest obstacle to finally removing this law.

    This is an issue that seriously needs to be discussed, though, and this might be our only chance to finally address it.

    • Avatar of Karen Dinner Karen Dinner said on

      I concur – couldn’t have said it better.

  6. Avatar of said on

    However much I would like Canada to take an enlightened approach to drugs (and definitely end the incentive to criminal distribution of them). As this resolution is phrased, it should not be supported.

    The Liberal Party can call for a national consultation and study of legalization of drugs. But without that done, and done very well, the Liberal Party cannot call for legalization of marijuana.

    Firstly, Canada has international agreements regarding the drug enforcement. And legalization of marijuana would have ramifications to our participation in international law enforcement.

    Other problems that need to addressed. (Notwithstanding the items I list below are already problems, for legalization to proceed without addressing them is impossible.
    … People driving under the influence (is there a roadside test.)
    … People smoking marijuana where there are children in the home, inhaling the smoke.
    … People showing up at work under the influence, and perhaps operating equipment.

    These are consequences to people other than the user, and although these already occur happen we must consider these issues and their solutions. One comment refers to legalization of small quantities by some American States. This is information that should be compiled and examined.

    It is obvious that criminalization of drugs leads to criminal distribution, and a variety of social and health issues. The fact that criminalization creates these issues is grounds for a national consultation and study; but until that is done it would be irresponsible for the Liberal Party call for legalization of marijuana.

    • Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on

      Well thanks for your comments Stanley but I must point out what are to me …glaring miss truths in what you say and what to me is nothing more than pure personal opinion by yourself

      Now I will not address this at your personally but at your arguments so please dont take offence…and I am not a very good writer so please try to see what I am saying here generally …thank you


      It was actually the liberals themselves who commissioned the most intensive and comprehensive study ever done by a Canadian government on cannabis …and get this… soon it will have been tabled for over 40 years !!!

      The Le Dain Study ruled that in their opinion cannabis should be re legalized….or …the exact wording …”"”"The final report recommended that cannabis be removed from the Narcotic Control Act and that the provinces implement controls on possession and cultivation, similar to those governing the use of alcohol”"”

      Ditto the second canadian biggest government effort …the 2002 Senate Report…which as I said recommends legal cannabis for anyone ….thats anyone…over 16

      Some like you talk like continuing to put our heads in the sand will do something after 80 years of the reverse that has given more cash to criminals than anything else in our history?

      Soon 50 Calibre fully automatic machine guns will kill innocent people two miles away from the incident like in mexico with the harpercrite crime bills

      My first thought was that you sound like some one who drinks alcohol ?…..sorry but its alcohol that should in fact be restricted not cannabis but then as I know prohibition doesnt work and that we are safer with legal alcohol sales than illegal ….I turn my discriminations off when discussing that disgusting habit that has killed hundreds of thousands for what??? a hangover???

      Sorry but ruining tons more lives (800,000 citizens now with a criminal record so far for possession of cannabis…victimless crime) just so you can think it isnt out there and because you dont partake is just fine… of course something that can happen within the liberals…of course

      In fact it has been done…as I say for 40 years (Chretien BS ed us the best and gave us hope for decades and created the back lash you have seen and more importantly WILL SEE)
      But do it one more time and I bet all like you the end result will for sure be the extinction of what you call the liberal party today….without a doubt

      We are almost to the point where we dont even need you any more anyway having done experiments supporting and building other partys to show liberals that they are in fact cowards and to be honest knowing what I do about certain liberal MP’s ….HYPOCRITES as well

      No sir…..what you speak of in your arguement has already been done and its been done many times !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      To me its nothing more than a glib fearful cop out

      The fact remains Sir that the only two governments on the planet that actually ever studied cannabis and driving by the way both concluded that in fact subjects actually drove better on cannabis than on NOTHING !

      Google it ..Australia and Great Britain

      Now to address that old boggy man comment ..Oh what about the americans !!!..

      wow..some are awfully naive …just look at any other treaty the americans dont like…and broke !!

      But just to be clear …Portugal basically re legalized cannabis and de crimined all drug use and all the problems you mention and prohibitionists mentioned have in fact gone down
      Less people are using drugs actually and organized crime weakened
      All they did was send a letter o the UN tsaying they with draw from that treaty…SIMPLE…DONE ….OVER !!
      The americans have done it with dozens of treaties
      That argument is not an argument it is a theory…nothing more

      Now I am not trying to offend and hope I am not …to me though its like listening to a couple of good ol boys…a couple of old americans talking about how its great that they string up a few of those darkies once in a while to teach them all a lesson…how dare they look at a white women….
      Yes sir …it is that repulsive to me and I am one of those 800,000 innocent canadian citizens and I have paid for over 20 years for a victimless crime I did not even commit and I am done paying sir

      I have been in 5 Federal election fights and 3 Provincial election fights …and have run for BC Green leader and President of the NDP…and much more

      We are organized…we are here …we do vote !!!!!!!!!!!!!!…we make people and parties LOSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Sorry as a canadian armed forces veteran and as a first generation canadian whose whole family was killed in the Ukrainian Holodomor …I must say sir the tone really bothers me

      Can we at least stop ruining lives until liberals discover their own government studies have wished them to stand on the side of truth justice and equality re cannabis for almost 40 YEARS !!!! hmmmm??….a cease fire on ruining more canadian lives until some put down their beers and read their own partys studies ??????? hmmm

      Sorry if the liberals again fail to look like liberals…well sir it will be because of those like you

      I say right here and right now many many many people are watching all this with baited breath….yes I must admit most very cynical because they actually have a memory but all the same many more than those like you I dare say sir

      But then to us it is a matter of life and death and not some unsavoury decision darkies bring to themselves as some thought during slavery

      In contrast to your …to me ….disturbing thoughts…”"”but until that is done it would be irresponsible for the Liberal Party call for legalization of marijuana”"”"
      I say it would be more irresponsible of the liberal party to just continue to be complete hypocritical cowards … they become irrelevant because of being hypocritical cowards

      To us your comments are like saying gays should have continued to be jailed until more studies were done…its that simple

      Maybe get up to speed to the studies already done even by liberals before voicing your opinion with no knowledge obviously of what you speak of as arguments?

      And in closing I would say that these are your own children and grand children whose lives you are ruining with fear and cowardice…they are not foreigners
      They are equal citizens with rights !!!!!!!!!!!

      What a shame…and what a waste !!


  7. Avatar of sabah habib sabah habib said on

    I beleive that legalizing marijuana is an up-stream social experiment. We should de-criminalize it to avoid the over a million crimial records of Candians being further convicted and taunted by what they have done in the past.

  8. Avatar of Lloyd Hough Lloyd Hough said on

    I am unsure of this.
    I am only sure that until the perception of the POSSIBILITY that marijuana might perhaps be a gateway drug, the public perception may not be in favour of this idea.
    Until such a time I would say no to the above, until the myth is disproven or proven we cannot in good moral standing approve this resolution.
    Concretely dispel the myth, then by all means proceed.

    • Avatar of Tyler Logue Tyler Logue said on

      I suggest you give this document a read through, you may like it!

    • Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on

      Hi L Hough
      Thanks for contributing.

      As I have said before…. all 3 of the last 3 USA Presidents have admitted their own cannabis use…two are even admitted cocaine users.

      In fact 12 USA Presidents used cannabis and many even grew it !

      I dont really see where it has held any of them back….do you?

      The two biggest killer “drugs” in society are in fact animal fat and sugar…yes they are drugs based on bodily reactions to them and how drugs are determined.

      Heart disease stroke diabetes’s and a whole string of problems result in the majority of Canadian deaths per year

      So far cannabis has killed ZERO EVER !!

      The fact is meat kills more than anything humans eat yet we see no disclaimers on Safeway meat packages so pretending as we destroy thousands more lives over a substance responsible for not one death to date I say is ludicrous and retarded

      The only true “gateway” drug…. by the way… is in fact “mothers milk”

      But sadly since 2003 even that deemed unsafe for human consumption what with 42 pesticides and heavy metals now contained in the average canadian women’s breast milk…google it

      The facts are that the vast majority of people who try cannabis stop using it naturally and the vast majority never try a stronger drug

      I would turn it around …what you say.. And ask that we re-legalize cannabis until some one… anyone ….proves anything like a “gateway” drug theory …which as I know never has been done

      By the way nearly 100 % of all heroin addicts have tried alcohol
      Maybe theres the gateway drug I know doesnt exist

      Sorry but I can not find one valid reason why cannabis is illegal and every argument I do find from some is based purely on the golden rule of medicine….”"”there is no money made in curing people”"”

      I traveled across canada and interviewed people sent home to die from Palliative Care rooms who ended up completely cured of life ending cancers simply by consuming drops of cannabis oil…..if you had cancer wouldn’t you try it?

      I would and would go to jail if need be

      To me it is actually the “gateway drug” to awareness and better health through this personal awareness

      I point out that although alcohol is believed legal it is in fact completely regulated and that is our end goal with cannabis

      I also point out that even with alcohol and its openness and supposed legality it still has many many citizens who do not ever use it and never will…they don’t feel compelled to try it with no one going to jail for its sales

      Its legality by no means threatens anyone nor does it make it so everyone needs to try it

      I said in election campaigns I could put a bucket of cocaine and heroin on every street corner and as with now only the 1.3 % hard core addicts would ever touch it…would you?

      Sorry the drug is in fact irrelevant as its the individual that needs addressing and their low self esteem in the first place
      The drugs whether legal or illegal are irrelevant in fact

      Still I must say there is no justifiable credible reason to have destroyed 800,000 canadian citizens lives so far with a criminal record just for cannabis possession and bad theories is there?

      You are either liberal or you aren’t …you either believe in human rights or you don’t

      Conservatism in canada is the gateway to misery and despair or so it seems …no?

      Prove other wise while you are at it on this cannabis theory of yours please

      I can also say the “gateway” back to a liberal majority will be one that includes sane and rational cannabis policy…I will bet anyone this one

  9. Avatar of Rhonda MacDougall Gale Rhonda MacDougall Gale said on

    I’d first like to state that I am a non-smoker, tobacco or otherwise.

    I think marijuana should be treated just like alcohol, subject to the same controls. The laws regarding where it can be used should be the same as tobacco. All the laws that are already in place re: alcohol & tobacco would address the concerns others have mentioned.
    It would be a boon to tax revenues and it would take away revenue to crime organizations. Law enforcement should be focused on REAL drugs: cocaine, meth, illegally obtained prescription drugs, etc. These are the drugs that cause problems in our communities, not pot.

    • Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on

      Thank you Rhonda for your sane view

      If I may add a couple of my election speech points?

      I would like to point out that the number one drug prescribed to canadian children is in fact Ritalin…and yes the number one university student study aid

      And that if you instead smoked it instead of ingested it ….it must be called by its street name as they are almost identical …CRYSTAL METH

      Yes you are correct Rhonda about including legal drugs because right now no police force can get any medical group or government to open up the prescription drug racket !!! On purpose

      I will tell you why….10 times as much Oxycontin for example (bush family owned pharmacological heroin clone patented drug )is imported into canada every year than all prescriptions for it combined !!!

      You cant touch that drug cartel as they have politicians in their back pockets obviously

      I also say in these elections …”"there has never ever been a jail or prison ever built on this entire planet…that illegal drugs have never been found in…so how then will we in fact actually keep them out of SCHOOLS…as please sir how many more billions of dollars will that actually take?? “”"

      If the liberals again ignore this issue out of invented fear and cowardice they not only again look like cowards to educated canadians but irrelevant to voters

      The harpercrites omnibus crime bill is worth more than only one election victory if used correctly

      But sadly it requires guts and leadership….so here’s to many more elections with none of that

      I challenge liberals to rise up with science and to ignore morals as they again by their condoning of cowardice earmark thousands more canadian children to receive life changing criminal records for nothing

      The green party was only even created because of liberal cowardice….why allow this?

      Please wake up

  10. Avatar of laurie monk laurie monk said on

    In its current writing, I do not support this resolution.

    I do, however, support the decriminalization of cannabis.

    The evidence for decriminalization is clear. Science has proven the risks associated with marijuana use, and it now falls to Liberals to have an education and communication strategy which identifies these risks, and communicates them in the same way we have been educated on the risks of tobacco, alcohol, sugar, processed foods etc. etc.

    If we assume a certain number of people smoke marijuana, and will always moke marijuana (legal or not), then the debate becomes the unnecessary criminalization of certain behaviours, with great social and financial cost.

    However, as with alcohol and tobacco, if the focus is on preventing vulnerable young people from trying marijuana until they are older, then we may be able to reduce or defer the associated harms.

    It must be part of an overall crime prevention/health strategy.

    • Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on

      Thanks Laurie
      Of course we all have opinions
      How do you suggest we change it?

      I aim to educate and change opinions on the issue

      But I have a couple of quick questions so far if you dont mind?

      Your comment

      “” Science has proven the risks associated with marijuana use”"

      Can you please provide your evidence to this comment?

      Some links?

      I as a 30 year daily cannabis user would sure like to know what it is I am supposedly at risk to develop or get and have obviously avoided for 30 years…you see?

      And baring in mind driving cars kills 40,000 a year and cannabis NO ONE yes please maybe explain?

      Knowing that health Canada lists things that can kill me including everything from alcohol the worst one …. right down to just peanuts I of course must point out cannabis is not on this list but please do share what you have so that I can address it properly please

      And then please address how this decriminalization word deals with the realities of …”"SUPPLY”"

      With all due respect decriminalization is a misnomer

      I think we would agree in principle about the underlying intentions but maybe disagree based on just wording?

      But I know we cant be just half pregnant

      Those who use cannabis are either dirty rotten scum of the earth or they are not

      It is either a vile disgusting habit or it isnt

      They are not victims of themselves nor mindless slaves to addiction as some maybe make out

      It is not like Crystal Meth or tobacco use…..anyone can take it or leave it without physical withdrawals

      One can chose to live life with out driving a car too and see the world in a different way…but we all still see the world

      Even liberal prime ministers have tried cannabis

      I am sorry but real policy demands real policy…saying we as liberals believe anyone trading or supplying cannabis is still just a criminal is still the wrong choice as it is naive and still providing billions to criminal suppliers needlessly and all of us are now then much less safe needlessly

      They wont just go away with a law written…….I say we take the money going to criminal now

      Its time to take the blinders off and to quit inventing words just to pretend so called unsavoury habits are dealt with as we put our heads back in the sands and innocents are then shot

      Sorry but decriminalization makes about as much sense as decriminalized alcohol consumption

      I leave history to explain the results instead of arguing the point

      I cant stop Canadians from turning into human larva’s with fats and sugars…lining up in gas guzzling cars steps away from a brewed drug….coffee…..nor do I intend to
      But I certainly wont just go blindly into the night because I happen to chose my poison or medicine from plants
      Or because of the cowardice and stupidity of others I then become deemed a criminal from its use

      As I say of course the liberals can chose to become irrelevant again…. to 3 million Canadian citizens or more …..of course …..who am I to stop them??

      I as a liberal as well can only tell us that we are wrong to do so

      And that these people are citizens and that we are talking about victimless crimes and none of these drugs are sold at gun point
      They are used by consenting adults of every persuasion every culture and every status
      What’s another couple of elections lost until we get it right?? Eh?

  11. Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on

    We are running out of time here people
    Please get involved and stand up !

    To recap here maybe

    Viewing this issue as simply about legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana tends to place this issue fairly low (like off the radar) on many people’s progressive agenda. Viewing it as putting an end to the war on drugs elevates the issue to a top priority. The war on drugs is the cutting edge of fascism in America. It is absolutely central to the loss of civil liberties, freedom and justice in America, and paved the way for the final removal of civil rights protections under the banner of the war on terror. We in Canada are perpetuating a war on our own citizens under our current marijuana laws. This is unconscionable and obscene and must not be allowed to continue.
    We have been lied to with our own tax dollars for decades. The struggle to legalize marijuana is a struggle not only for justice, but for an invaluable and abundant medicine. It is a struggle of truth against lies, and individual and collective will against multinational corporations. It is very difficult to exaggerate the harm that has been caused by the war on drugs. When the dots are all connected, it’s not at all hard to argue that legalizing marijuana ought to have the highest priority with all progressive people and parties

    People need to understand that there is more than one option where illicit drugs are concerned.

    Maybe not legalization as some see it , RE-regulation. The difference is important.
    As legal as alcohol is which it isn’t in reality

    I have never endorsed legalization as in anything but the alcohol model — but I do call for re-regulation.

    In public policy, “regulation” means management according to some rational and revisable criteria, rather than by random, chaotic chance.

    Most of the modern world regulates everything that comes into contact with citizens: from securities to radio bandwith, from milk to banks to air-travel safety to telecommunications to food production to children’s toys to drinking water. Everything that touches us is regulated according to some criteria embedded in laws, enforceable – ultimately – by the state.

    These things are all legal, but they’re also heavily regulated. Just try to sell unpasteurized milk from your own cows to your next door neighbour.

    By and large, most regulations work pretty well. We do have our Walkertons and our Dr. Charles Smith events, but these are few and far between. Regulation has its critics but it prevents a lot of McCain food-like disasters.

    We regulate everything according to criteria specific to the product or service and its impact on public well being. Different forms of regulation for different products and services, whether Goodyear Tires or Tupperware.

    These regulations are informed by statistics and other forms of evidence. We would never consider regulating something – like smoke alarms or baby formula – without having a great deal of evidence about how those regulations will or will not produce benefit rather than harm.

    Regulation is about rationality and predictability. It’s about understanding the balance of harms and benefits and creating the conditions to maximize benefits and minimize harms.

    This, at least, is how political scientists (like me) understand regulation.

    With regard to illicit drugs, we use a form of regulation called “prohibition.” Prohibition relies on punishment and threat of punishment through the criminal justice system.

    Prohibition is supposed to work through the magic of deterrence. You won’t touch drugs because you know that if you get busted you’ll get a criminal record and your life chances will be negatively affected.

    We do with illicit drugs, in other words, what was once done with alcohol – and with the same results: violence, corruption, graft and death.

    In essence — and this is the point – we regulate the production, distribution and consumption of illicit drugs by handing it over to the contest between organized crime and police.

    As a consequence, organized crime is thriving. Prices to users are lower, supply is better and purity is higher than 40 years ago when Richard Nixon declared his “war on drugs.”

    Quoting from a recent court ruling here in Ontario: “People have been going to jail for drug offences for – for a couple of generations now and the drug – the drug plague is worse than it ever was … If something doesn’t work, do I try doing it again and again to see if it does work? Isn’t that the definition of insanity?”

    The big crime syndicates have Spanish names today. Instead of Al Capone it’s Miguel Caro Quintero. Instead of alcohol, it’s cocaine, ecstasy, cannabis and meth.

    Big seizures are made on a weekly basis, yet supply is unaffected – and a handful of powerful organized criminal groups get fabulously wealthy: enough to literally outgun police and military forces in Mexico and to purchase the government of Afghanistan.

    Illicit drug profits constitute the oxygen of organized crime – globally, nationally and locally.

    These are facts you can confirm with the UN World Drug Report

    Prohibition fails because it attempts to negate the iron laws of supply and demand.

    So this form of regulation – called prohibition — enriches organized crime but does nothing to address demand, i.e., reduce the flow of drugs to users on the street. It brings with it lots of violence, deaths by overdose, disease transmission, police corruption, swollen prisons, etc.

    Prohibition is a policy choice, not a law of nature like gravity. We chose to use prohibition in 1908 for racist purposes and we’ve only added to it and built on it since.

    The worst effect of drug prohibition is that it creates incentives for our political leaders to lie to us – and to make promises they know they can’t keep.

    And the same is true of police: in private they admit that (in their words), “We’ll never arrest out way out of our drug problems” but in public they have to play the prohibition game even though they will admit (in private) that drug prohibition corrupts cops and destroys the profession.

    Prohibition CREATES crime. Always has and always will.

    Don’t take my word for it: see – these people are not nut-cases. They have seen the harm of drug prohibition and have crossed over.

    See this excellent essay by Gil Puder – who used to work to the downtown eastside of

    More recently, see this video of the Senate Testimony of Constable David

    My claim here is that prohibition — as a form of regulation — produces so many undesirable consequences that we ought to abandon it and choose a form of regulation that gives us more of what we want and less of what we don’t want.

    What I want less of – much less of – is organized crime, drug gangs and drug-business criminality.

    What I want more of – much more of – is education, prevention, harm reduction, public health and community safety.

    So I favour a form of regulation that would NOT create incentives for organized criminal gangs to control the drug trade – because, for me, organized crime and drug gangs are the worst of all evils.

    Not everyone will agree with this. Everyone who studies this issue agrees that prohibition gives rise to organized criminal violence – but some people are willing to tolerate a certain amount of violence by organized crime because they think that, eventually, we’ll figure out how to apply the right police resources to eradicate it once and for all.

    I’m doubtful. We’ve been at it for 101 years and we’re no closer. Not even the Americans, who employ much greater police force and violence, have been successful.

    So I would endorse a system of RE-regulation – there are many models on offer – that took the production, distribution and consumption of currently illicit drugs out of the hands of organized crime.

    Does this imply legalization?

    It could, for some substances, but it does not HAVE to.

    It all depends on what we – as a society – choose to regulate in the interests of public safety versus that which we leave to organized crime.

    And that depends on how much we are willing to tolerate the participation of organized crime because – on the evidence of the last 101 years – they are going to meet a market demand whatever the penalties enacted in prohibitionist laws.

    Virtually every government-commissioned analysis of drug policy in the 20th-Century has agreed that cannabis should never have been criminalized in the first place.

    So cannabis should – on the evidence – be decriminalized and regulated so as to control for quality, purity and access to young persons.

    My preference is to regulate AGAINST the interests of organized criminal gangs – but there are other ways to regulate too, to trade off competing values where drugs are concerned.

    So that’s it: if it were up to me I would design a system of regulation which sucked the oxygen out of the black market and took the profit out of supplying the market for currently illicit drugs. That would be my priority.

    Lets become the liberals again shall we?


  12. Avatar of laurie monk laurie monk said on

    shavluk – I fear you may have misunderstood my comments.

    In brief, the physical effects of marijuana use are very similar to those experienced by cigarette smokers. There is much evidence to validate my position. The research is not so definitive on the emotional/addictive effects. Nor does the evidence definitively prove whether marijuana use in and of itslf is a gateway drug to other, more serious substances. I encourage you to google, “The health effects of smoking cannabis” or any other phraseology you choose.

    So if we assume the evidence exists, that debate becomes moot. My position is that there are significant health risks to smoking marijuana. However, as with other substances (sugar, processed food etc), users must be in a position to make informed choices.

    Prohibition in the 30s didn’t work, our draconian drug laws don’t work, and I believe decriminalization/regulation is the answer. Criminalizing pot smokers, as part of an overall “drug strategy” is inappropriate and ineffective.

    Instead, I would like to see more resources put into education of the effects of marijuana use, targeting young people. Adults will smoke or not. And to be honest, that is irrelevant to me. Young people, however, developmentally are impulsive and very susceptible to the influence of peers, parents and advertising. In the same way that an anti-tobacco campaign had a significant impact on cigarette smoking among young people, I feel a similar strategy would work specific to marijuana use.

    I agree that marijuana users are unlikely to commit armed robberies or other violent crimes to finance their habits. The greatest risk, as I see it, is on their grocery bill – most especially relating to chips, chocolate, cake… get my point.

    My second point relates to crystal meth, crack cocaine, heroin etc. These drugs are the scourge of society and do have long-term societal impacts that affect not just the user, but all citizens.

    An effective drug strategy would include a mult-pronged approach:

    Education (prevention)
    Harm reduction (intervention)
    Enforcement (suppression)

    I feel the focus on marijuana is inappropriate, ineffective and unnecessary. I further feel that this resolution is obliquely worded and does not go far enough in the education of young people.

  13. Avatar of said on

    While I would place myself to the right of Attilla the Hun on the political spectrum in relation to a number of issues, my 28 years of policing has led to a considerably softer and more realistic stance on our great Cannabis debate. The sooner this stuff is legalized & strictly regulated, the better… as mentioned earlier in this conversation, PM TRUDEAU saw fit to put together the LeDAIN Commission in ’69… I strongly suggest our justice committee take it out, dust it off and read the damn thing… 42 years later we are STILL making criminals out of 18 yr olds with a few joints in their possession… now THAT is a crime in my humble opinion. Police forces across this country (and subsequently our criminal justice system) are spending untold multi-millions annually… the only end result being criminal organizations making considerably higher profits with fluctuating supply and increasing demand. We chase this stuff because it’s real simple to generate numbers… while Methamphetamine, Oxycontin and the opiate derivatives are reeking widespread havoc with our youth.

    Don’t bother wasting time & effort on this “de-criminalization” sham… if 30 grams or less is NOT a criminal offence, then only the lawyers will get richer over the course of the next 10-15 years … ultimately & SUCCESSFULLY arguing to “the supremes”…that “my client’s kilo contains exactly the same product as the “de-criminalized” 30 grams!!!!!”

    Our demographics are currently perfect for this debate :-) The economic implications of the legalization of this relatively harmless herb are STAGGERING!!

    Anyone with any doubts whatsoever as to the considerable benefits derived from this ancient herb, need only google “medical cannabis” and review the Wikipedia site.

    Professionally managed, this single issue has the potential for the Liberal party to once again provide a viable alternative to the current government.

  14. Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on

    Wow !

    Thank you Dan Mulligan….
    One would suspect that when even 28 year veterans of policing say re-legalize cannabis ….maybe it is time to take the blinders off eh?

    Bravo !

    Sadly I stood outside the 2006 Quebec City NDP national convention watching senior NDP use cannabis then go back inside and vote down anyone mentioning the word….thats why I ran for party president…just to say that word…cannabis

    I wasnt going to comment again here because it would only be an argument to others comments about so called “harms” …when I know much different…..and to be completely honest say nothing in my entire 54 years has ever ever ever harmed me more personally than to go to jail as an innocent man and not see my children for two years…. 20 years ago

    Never being qualified ever again with any of the jobs I had ever done previously … manager…revenue canada department head… financial manager….and now then always being stuck in a world of barehanded labour living hand to mouth because of a life changing criminal record for something I still do stands as a second biggest harm thank you very much !!!

    No I wasn’t going to comment again hoping smart liberals would please resond….Yes thank you Sir….Dan !!

    I hadnt even mentioned the number one cause of deaths of young men outside of accidents is actually suicide…yet… negligible numbers to those young men who have tried cannabis….bizarre eh?

    I hadnt even dealt with the violence created with alcohol nor pointed out the obvious on the differences…..we are far beyond all that obvious information I should hope

    Its no secret why this is still even an certainly has absolutely nothing to do with health…. harm …or even any concern for “” my fellow man”””… type of thing….you must be joking right?

    No…… as some one who has for 21 years been standing up to the obvious and even been attacked personally by harpercrit himself…(I believe….( I must again comment ….I guess I just need to

    If the liberals dont wake up …finally…now
    I am sorry but….
    I just fear no return ever possible to a canada I have always defended… known and been proud of…it will be over

    I have served my country in two official capacities yet never have I been more ashamed of it as now

    We were a nation that was a beacon to the world….to truth… freedom and hopefulness….now we are nothing more than texas north and run out of calgary oil money head quarters

    My last kick at the cat I just ran federally again …walked the streets for 32 days actually …spoke to 6 thousand people individually …….and reminded all I could that we could in fact right now all be driving @ 70 cents a litre …on LNG …that we actually just easily filled up with at home with

    And the results of that actually cut CO 2 emissions… instantly by 30 % …that is a fact….even with canadian invented technology …google “fuelmaker”
    (long story harper allowed killed)

    Sadly harper with his calgary petroleum club owners (the same ones who financed his Reform Party take over funding by the way ) make sure you never ever have a clue about that choice either

    No… it is with the knowledge that I must do this now that I stand up here again and ask that all of us yes please do stand up and use this issue to again unify all fair minded canadians …all peace keeping canadians and all “pro-choice in anything personal” canadians … now stand up and save canada…the canada that was here for 144 years and who should continue to be here for this world …not the soon given over ugly step child slave of a thirsty american master

    If we can not stand up on this one issue armed with so much …we will never ever stop the real agenda of harpercrit and that is draining all our water freely to americans besides just all our oil

    The battle for canada must be started now by the party with the best chances and with the proper ammunition against harper and no issue in canada unites more different peoples than the cannabis issue and crime

    I say its time the liberals actually woke up

    Its time for common sense government…..and a common sense party

    Again its the liberals election to lose

    Heres to smart choices and to canada !! our canada

  15. Avatar of Richard McNamara Richard McNamara said on

    SMART ON CRIME, I like that. This would be smart on crime.

    I’ve read somewhere that 85% of the crime in the country is related to drugs. That most of the money that the crime organizations make are from drugs. So we need to look at who has an interest in keeping the status quo:

    1) The Drug Importers
    2) The Manufacturers of Illegal Drugs
    3) The Criminal organizations that distribute the
    4) The local Crime Boss, and his front people.
    5) The people selling drugs on the street corners.
    6) The people selling drugs on our school grounds.

    You all know of these guys, but have you considered:

    7) The lawyers who defend the criminals in court.
    8) The lobbyists who are working the halls of
    government and justice.
    9) The police force, who receive funding based on the
    size of the Drug problem. The police have no
    interest at all in catching the the drug pushers
    and closing down their organizations.
    10) How about our prisons, without drug offenders they
    would have to close half of them.
    11) Judges, Crown Prosecutors, court personal etc.
    12) How about the whole drug enforcement system.

    The list just goes on and on: All these people have an interest in keeping the system as it is.

    So how do we stop it?

    To stop it you need to take the profit motive out of it.

    So how do we do this?

    Well let’s start by treating drug addiction as a disease (which it is) and giving the addicts prescriptions for

    their drugs. You then have a chance to reach these people and maybe turn their lives around, at the very least you take them off the street. Reducing street crime, break and entries, prostitution, muggings etc.

    Addicts would be getting cleaner drugs, and clean needles, reducing the costs to the health care system.

    This is complicated and start up is costly, no where near as costly as the crime it would replace, and the legal system the drug trade supports. Complicated yes, not as complicated as the system we are running now.

    Next step legalize recreational drugs, and sell them through government outlets. Costly start up but would very quickly pay the cost of the whole preventive system. Also, people would be getting cleaner drugs, and would be less likely to try street drugs.

    There would be very little reason for the development of new recreational drugs, (no money in it).

    There would be no one at our schools pushing drugs at our children.

    Our Police and court system could be refocused on other hard core crime problems.

    Over time, the number of addicted people would drop, but the big change would be people coming into the system from the hard drug side of things.

    There would no longer be a profit motive, at least not on any great scale.

  16. Avatar of Linda Schultz Linda Schultz said on

    Families in this country are looking for leadership that recognizes their responsibilities as the educators and nurturers of their children. I know very few parents who want there children/teens to use marijuana. As for college students, the demands made on them re:studies,academics,trades,debt burdens should caution them about recreational use of marijuana which has an effect on IQ and performance on the job. What about the effect on writing exams? I would ask about the use of this drug on the job? Are we protecting the rights of using this on the job after a day’s use? What about liability for mistakes made from ‘cannabinoids” in the system after use. I understand they are unpredictable in their time of resurfacing.Fetal Marijuana Syndrome is another thing to think about? What about the link between schizophrenia and marijuana.

  17. Avatar of dmulligan dmulligan said on

    Ms. SCHULTZ’ comments below are “Bang-on”… there is considerable scientific evidence that marihuana use by teenagers carries the increased risk of the development of schizophrenia… which is precisely why the legalization and strict regulation of this product is required ASAP.

    Under NO circumstances should our party be perceived to be endorsing/advocating this product’s widespread use. With relatively rare, yet notable, exceptions (ie. glaucoma, anorexia, cancer, Alzheimer’s) this recreational drug poses health risks and thereby must be appropriately “policed” via regulation to ensure that every reasonable effort is made to restrict its access to individuals who have attained a minimum specified age (25 yrs?)… Will these measures prevent a teenager from gaining access to this product? Hell, no. But if it’s purchased legitimately through the local WCBO :-), as a parent, you will probably sleep better at night knowing that it hasn’t been “angel dusted” by the local street-level dealer who wants his customers buying his PCP.

    Ms. SCHULTZ points out that… “Families in this country are looking for leadership that recognizes their responsibilities as the educators and nurturers of their children”… I couldn’t possibly agree more with this statement. It is our number one obligation as parents to ensure our children are provided with the utmost opportunity to be successful in ultimately attaining their dreams – whatever form those dreams take.

    Legalization & regulation further ensures that our kids don’t arbitrarily become instant criminals for simple possession of a lousy joint!!! How many parents out there can speak to the results of having their kids’ aspirations for their futures completely shattered as a result of being labeled a criminal for “simple” possession of marihuana?? We need to hear from you people in this very important discussion, folks!

    “There, but for the grace of God, go I”… in 1983, I was interviewed for my job in policing… one of the first questions posed by this professional interviewer dealt with my use of any drugs… upon my admission to minimal use of grass & hashish during my university years, I asked him point blank if this interview was now effectively “over”, to which he replied… “Mistakes I can live with – dishonesty is unacceptable”… the interview continued.

    As I mentioned in my earlier post, this resolution ultimately requires PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT to properly address this issue to our fellow Canadians. In the interim, we need considerably more input into this very important discussion in an effort to raise its profile within our fast-approaching convention.

    Best to all…

  18. Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on


    Umm…Linda…..””””””fetal marijuana syndrome”””” ….?????


    Are you actually serious?

    Thank you again Mr Mulligan you said most of what I would say already but the above comment demands attention here …no?

    I must say I get excited about our chances of actually waking up cowardly politicians ….yes ..thank you Linda…if we now have even invented reasons added to the standard “”What about the children”" technique …wow…we must be making strides and more importantly ….sense ….yes…so everything but the kitchen sink needs inserting now eh?…LOL

    And the ol’ “”schizophrenia “” boogyman … out of the bag o tricks too eh?…haha….wow

    No offence I hope taken here but people like you need exposing …and more importantly dispelling
    Yes maybe ruin the lives of 800,000 more legal canadian citizens so crime continues to manage the cannabis business here in canada …eh?
    Just peachy?

    I should point out right off the hop though that the use of cannabis has increased over a thousand fold since the 50′s ….the rates for schizophrenia…..???…yes as I have said before there is no spike…no increase and what you say has been documented as crap

    If anything those predisposed to the ailment are in fact helped by its use…please show real and credible links to prove these claims but be aware Linda that I dispelled every last argument and link showing them all linked to the DEA while bringing the green party out of the closet on this issue as well

    Yes please Linda….show us the bodies I know dont exist

    Keeping cannabis illegal has sure worked well so far to keep it away from kids …..hasnt it??

    Tell any kid you can find to go get alcohol from any where but dad and see how it goes with government regulation controlling supply….hmmmm?

    I am sorry but I must point out that if we ever did convince the liberals to find their guts and actually stand up and use this issue effecting over 3 million canadians…my experience and the attacks against me are completely convincing me that the harpercrits would be so scared of that thought …..that they would sign up on sites like this to try to tear apart support for these issues…. they know will kill them and their chances in the next election !!!!

    I am sorry but people like Linda are not the liberals…??? we are trying to reach…..I am after ones that dont invent diseases like “”fetal marijuana syndrome”" knowing full well that the university of saskatchewan already released years ago that compounds in cannabis are used naturally in human bodies and that these compounds make subjects smarter and much more healthy in fact

    Google it but please please please…..yes…add these so called studies you mention so that when I expose them for what I know they are many more umm…er…”” liberals “”…….wake up !!

    My goodness we must scare the heck out of some !!!

    I rest my case and say if we really want to decide who’s lives we ruin because of the kids who in reality use less of legal substances in countries that legalized …we better start reminding people about the real products for kids that need addressing like crystal meth …oops I mean Ritalin…all the doctors are flooding canada with that are so prevalent they are even showing up in our drinking water !!

    When people like some here pipe up…well I am sorry but I know we are winning !!

    For any that really want to know the truth please trust your own abilities to find the truth as with today’s technologies they can no longer hide the truth from you !!!

    Please educate yourselves !! and lets scare the hell out of the harpercrites !!!!!!!!!!

  19. Avatar of Lloyd Hough Lloyd Hough said on


    I am wondering, and I am directing this at you because you are one of the most vocal on this issue, so your opinions and knowledge carry some weight with how I perceive the righteousness of this issue, if you could inform me of the following.

    1. – unlike alcohol, I understand growing cannabis is fairly straightforward (or perhaps even just not so complicated), so how are we to regulate the sale and purchase of a government endorsed product?

    2. – are there detectable signs of impairment or does impairment even happen while making use of cannabis recreationally?

    3. – if impairment does occur is there a simple roadside test to indicate impairment?

    4. – can it impair a users ability to perform certain jobs and functions?

    5. – would there be regulation of the quantity an individual could buy legally, and if so, would an underground market exist after this quantity is exceeded?

    6. – would the price point of regulated cannabis sales be an incentive to purchase from an underground market as opposed to the regulated market (given that a large amount of the price on cigarettes – and rightly so – is tax)?

    7. – would it have any perceived impact on our border crossings with the U.S., and our intent to make border crossings easier for vehicles and pedestrians who commonly travel back and forth between Canada and the U.S.?

    8. – would it have any impact on the undefended border between ourselves and the U.S.?

    I realize you may not have answers to all of these questions, so anyone who does have any input, please feel free to chime in.


  20. Avatar of Curtis Carlson Curtis Carlson said on

    Finally… and the rest of them too.

    The root of drugs… is WALLSTREET and the CIA!

    The black ops funded by the drug profits… the ‘liquidity’ of corporations and banks… ALL of it comes from the illegal CORPORATE drug trade.

    The Taliban reduced opium production by 95%.

    The USA took over… and it is now producing more opium and breaking records in production EVERY YEAR!

    Yea.. just a co-winky-dink.

    There should be mandated government clinics… like a drug store. Full information given, programs to combat addiction (for those that have an addictive personality, yes, there is a psychological component to drug use).

    Take away the PROFIT… and the crime will disappear.

    And you get to strike a revenge blow to the very first corporate hegemony on the planet after oil… DuPont and plastics. (For which all plastics can come from hemp by the way).

    Seriously… just legalize this stuff. I don’t use it. I think its just stupid… but the criminalization of a habit that is HUMAN (escapism, mental coping, etc)… is beyond ridiculous.

    A Marijuana History Lesson

  21. Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on

    I am wondering, and I am directing this at you because you are one of the most vocal on this issue, so your opinions and knowledge carry some weight with how I perceive the righteousness of this issue, if you could inform me of the following.
    {{ Thank you L Hough :

    I will try and please excuse how I do so with the copy and paste of your post here
    ( I am one of the many founders of the Marijuana Party and have spent as I say over 20 years attempting to do what I am attempting to do here so yes thank you for even asking) ( if we do not ask we will never know the truth and continue the harm because of that }}

    1. – unlike alcohol, I understand growing cannabis is fairly straightforward (or perhaps even just not so complicated), so how are we to regulate the sale and purchase of a government endorsed product?

    {{{{{{{ Like any other “legal” industry
    We set rules …boundaries and goals …we establish a level playing field and set parameters of production

    The wine model or alcohol model is a comparison ……we are all free now to make our own at home yet the vast majority do not bother to do so and rightly so as commercial enterprise is far and away more qualified to do it more consistently and for lower costs with economies of scale

    Over time I believe most would not bother trying to grow it themselves with commercial strains readily available for reasonable dollars at liquor stores or even coffee shops

    Imagine though for a second if alcohol was further taxed with these huge SIN TAX’S as suggested by some with cannabis?
    Of course with the resulting manufactured pricing and no competition an underground economy would of course spring up again to take advantage …it already happened remember?

    We need to remember to not slap on “moral taxation” if we are serious about removing machine guns and crime from the equation and letting markets adjust themselves

    Unlike what we did with alcohol in the 30’s though… I would not like to now just reward all the criminals who are breaking the law now and allow them the licenses to produce it….please… no new Bronfman’s…. emerging after all our efforts did your work for you… I would say

    ( Bikers cut the locks off and broke in here with masks and threatened to cut my head off over my political efforts and I do not wish to now see them now then just given these licenses whom ever would of course need)

    I would start “” grower coops “” groups of growers like in the tobacco industry and then let the market forces that would emerge do so…. As they are priced like any other commodity

    Not many would like to see the government own the production and it isn’t about any other reason except the huge profits they want to make themselves …so of course we need to select producers

    Bare in mind though that a transition would take place as we change over and a few bumps would still emerge but by and large within a year I would say it would be like it was always still legal as no criminals are selling booze they made any more are they?
    And we know why?…because they can not compete and if they can they are already part of a legitimate alcohol business I am sure (actually they are)

    Look at wineries and “on site” beer brewers for a few hints of how we should do it though }}}}}}

    2. – are there detectable signs of impairment or does impairment even happen while making use of cannabis recreationally?

    {{{{{ This depends on a lot of variables obviously like with any substance ….but you touch on a very important point !!!

    WE MUST ADDRESS “”IMPAIRMENT”” first and foremost

    and police are trained to ALREADY do so but as I said about recent moves to have swabs done and blood or urine taken
    ( huge dollars to pharmaceutical companies needlessly and huge costs housing billions of samples over time…who will pay those bills??)

    People need to understand that already some elderly are impaired by LEGAL pharmaceuticals on our roads and in one case where a 77 year old pilot flew his airplane into a Richmond BC high rise only going to get much much worse until we do address “ impairment “ ….of any kind

    But lets face it when Raheem Jaffer the conservative MP was caught flying through a town speed driving …..drunk and pockets containing cocaine a little while ago …it took 5 days to come out in media and he got a mere $500 dollar tax deductible fine in the end !!!!

    They could have placed the cocaine in a bag they already carry and in mere minutes identifed it as cocaine

    Sadly ….some are always much much much more equal than others are they not ??? !

    Had that happened to me or a liberal …..jail time would be of course ….needed !!!!! }}}}}}}}
    Radar and impairment dedectors seatbelts

    I often tell the story of this…
    There used to be 40,000 people found impaled on their steering columns after car accidents every year
    7 years in court against huge odds resulting in one thing only
    Auto companies of course fought this for 7 years in court and explained how many many people would be put out of work if they needed to comply with this
    What was it that resulted?


    Lets face it …since the 80’s even the technology to stop any head on collisions has existed…
    technology to not let cars even start with alcohol in them has already existed for 20 years !!!

    Who are we again kidding ??

    Radar …for 50 dollars and other cheap remedies are being completely ignored with the help of politicians wilfully ignorant on purpose }}}}

    3. – if impairment does occur is there a simple roadside test to indicate impairment?

    {{{{ Yes….and its been used for decades….it starts with a policeman’s eyes but has many parts to it…..I do not endorse billions of tax dollars needlessly spent to pharmaceutical companies as they bribe MP’S to provide chemical tests we do not actually need !! }}}}

    4. – can it impair a users ability to perform certain jobs and functions?

    {{{{ I should point out that like with alcohol or even other things like food even…each individual is different and long term use produces some who now are not impaired with more alcohol ….for example… than the average person
    Cannabis is the same
    I know many who get no impairment but do get pain relief for example

    I of course am not trying to get a bunch of impaired people on the roads…hell…they are already there and just not reported over financial reasons to pharmaceutical companies if the truth be told

    We do not talk about car accidents over legal pharmaceuticals causing impairment
    We do not talk about natural impairment as truckers break rules with log books and cause accidents by not sleeping
    We do not talk about impairment in ones own abilities and confidence while driving either }}}}}

    By the way our armed forces pilots are given Speed and the USA ones who killed 4 of our first 5 canadian service men killed in afganistan …..were all on SPEED !!!!

    Anything can impair some one …….its the signs of impairment that are always always the same no matter what the substance or even an allergy that caused any accident

    Again Canadians are being bamboooozled with BS for chemical company profits ! }}}}}}

    5. – would there be regulation of the quantity an individual could buy legally, and if so, would an underground market exist after this quantity is exceeded?

    {{{{{{ I can tell you that again like alcohol some of us are using better brandy and whisky than some are on Chinese cooking wine out of a paper bag and always will

    I can also tell you that there has always been superior cannabis …..properly weaned of chemical nutrients etc and properly cured …….and there has always been road kill type “”shwag”” cannabis …this wont change

    Wine from your neighbour verses some highly crafted brew from some one well versed with experience will I dare say taste different

    These stories that talk about higher THC concentrations this and that and killer weed ….hahhaha …
    ( by the way the only cops to ever give this angel dust dusted pot story is my very own delta police force and they have lied …. As to this day under and after prodding …of course…. been forced to admit that they have never ever ever found any of this so called “ laced weed””

    It just make me howl with laughter as they pretend something grown in the ground while hiding from law enforcement has some how procured resources to engineer super dope hahhahha

    If anything like with prohibition and cocaine for example the resulting terror created by prohibition began this search for concentrated cocaine which is easier to smuggle etc and then crack was born…even crystal meth

    It is the illegality that creates the wish to super concentrate drugs or as in alcohol production…profit

    Sorry all that like with alcohol will happen after re legalization as some become connoisseurs and tinker with palates for dollars

    Prohibition has created the demands for things like cannabis oil and even puddy ( hash) which is really just concentrated cannabis or more to the point the resin of cannabis

    There has always been great cannabis and garbage cannabis just to be clear and probably always will be }}}}

    6. – would the price point of regulated cannabis sales be an incentive to purchase from an underground market as opposed to the regulated market (given that a large amount of the price on cigarettes – and rightly so – is tax)?

    {{{ OF COURSE….see above
    You do understand that not one politician ever campaigns to make bullets cost a thousand dollars each don’t you see ?
    Yes I would love that !!
    No one wants that right?……ol uncle sam would be here in a jiffy taking over real quick would he not?

    Of course people being people will always try to circumvent laws or taxes and gain advantages……like harper with his private fleet of taxpayer funded jets deemed un expendable and necessary for every trip to the store hahhahhaha

    I can tell you that native band cigarettes are because of what I said above …the results of stupidity and over the tipping point in taxation …plain and simple

    But to be honest any educated people knows very full well that real producers of these cigarettes are actually involved and been given slaps on the wrist when finally exposed …now they sell them the equipment to just make and package them …LOL }}}

    7. – would it have any perceived impact on our border crossings with the U.S., and our intent to make border crossings easier for vehicles and pedestrians who commonly travel back and forth between Canada and the U.S.?

    {{{{ What like the Americans have now done with an entrance fee???
    You may be surprised to find that it will be Americans who probably re legalize cannabis before us actually as 13 states or so already have re legalized medicinal cannabis and many have it on the next elections ballots

    Yes some will of course ….because of stupid laws still some where else……. always try to exploit markets…..look what the USA does to Cuba as they try to instil their morals and business models there….hmmmm??

    The CIA ….has since it was created …..tried to do just as you speak as they topple countries and leaders simply to take what they want…as in oil for example

    Do you know the real reason things like cannabis and cocaine for example are illegal in the USA?

    Because these didn’t grow naturally in the USA and the USA isn’t the biggest producer nor do they have the market cornered already

    And obviously because if you use cannabis you wont go blindly die needlessly in one of their oil wars so your parents get a flag to put at your dinner seat to represent you ….. at every future Xmas or important family meeting
    Sorry if its about quick trips to sprawlmart as you then kill more Canadian manufacturing jobs with Chinese slave produced goods you must have to have … yes…. maybe leave 10 minutes earlier so they can strip search you faster for things they don’t produce and don’t like and you in your needs to hurt Canadian manufacturers must save pennies on
    What ever happened to the “”Evil Communist Empire “” hmmmmmmmmmmmm???

    One should also point out again !!!…….that no government has ever ever sold more cocaine that the USA government !!!
    Iran Contra anyone?

    So lets please just deal with reality and not boogymen

    What about all the ones who will come here escaping persecution like jews did ….like gays do…… like etc etc etc }}}}}

    8. – would it have any impact on the undefended border between ourselves and the U.S.?

    {{{{{ ummm…??? “” UNDEFENDED BORDER “” ?????….. hahhahhahahahhahaha

    You are kidding correct ??? hahhaha

    Ok …if that is an undefended border what is a defended one?
    One that’s completely sealed …? Hmmm?…What ?

    You ever notice how easily raw logs go across or oil ??

    Why?? …I think most know why }}}}}

    I realize you may not have answers to all of these questions, so anyone who does have any input, please feel free to chime in.
    {{{ actually I do have answers to all of your questions …thanks

    I hope many others do as well and that’s why I bother
    Soon I am sure we can all just forget it as the liberals cower out in fear…as they become even more irrelevant and extinct …. Yes and as more innocent women are then shot needlessly on Boxing day in a shoot out for turf as has already happened here in BC …sure….I know it sadly …oh well I cant stop trying no matter how much stupidity I find

    Good luck all …..its too bad there is not a real common sense political party with people placed before corporate profit…it really is }}}

  22. Avatar of Richard McNamara Richard McNamara said on


    To deny the existance of a drug problem in our society, is to put your head in the sand.

    Deinal is not the answer, so give us some solid options.



    So let us here your suggestions. Denial will not make the problem go away.

  23. Avatar of Curtis Carlson Curtis Carlson said on

    @ Richard

    I can see your passion for doing something about drugs and our kids. This is a multifaceted problem with no easy solution.

    First… we cant solve any problem without knowing the facts. If you want to talk of denial, here is the biggest river in Egypt you will find…

    Our government is in the drug trade. Maybe not Canada, but I bet if you look hard enough, you will find it.


    This is reality folks. The “war on drugs” is a sham. It is a business and the USA and CIA are the owners and operators.

    That is the root, now what about the branches.

    There is a major problem at home. Divorce… has destroyed the family. There is ZERO stability in many kids lives. Church… was a community bond of all classes and types. I am not advocating religion although I do personally believe in God, but the faith of the religious minded community engendered knowledge of and concern for the welfare of Dick and Jane, no matter whose kids they were. Religion also advocates a role for mother and father, husband and wife, as a team, as partners, in raising children. Mom… was at home, or at least she was when I was growing up. Who was the first person I could turn to with a problem? Mom and Dad. Where is that support now? Both parents work… so Facebook friends and TV become the substitute. This too cannot be fixed overnight, but secular and feminist ideology suggests, “the family” is a model for society that is obsolete and oppressive. Maybe we should instead ask our kids… if they would like BOTH Mom and Dad in their lives and ONE parent at home, usually the mother, for guidance and support.

    Drugs… are a pain killer. Drugs… numb the senses. Drugs… take you away from life and make you forget the pain and hurt and fear and depression.

    Drugs… are what children are using in record numbers to NUMB THEMSELVES to society. To FEEL NOTHING for life or for their own soul.

    You want to get kids off drugs?

    Make it “uncool” by making it legal and affordable. The whole point of doing drugs is the psychological stimulus of belonging to the in crowd, to people who accept you. If your parents don’t, who are you going to turn to?

    Make it cheap, clean and easy to access… and the addicted WILL NOT commit crimes. This has been proven with study after study

    That said… the Vancouver Police have said the free needle clinic has only made things worse in the downtown core. I believe, that is because while there is emphasis on helping addicts get clean, there is no FORCED program of detox and social support.

    I think we need to “get tough”… not with incarceration and jail terms as the Cons would believe… but with money spent on a TRUE detox and rehabilitation program. Not some volunteer basis respecting the ‘rights’ of the individual. Drug addiction… is a SOCIAL PROBLEM, not an individual one. We ALL suffer because of it, so it is up to society, not the individual who has clearly failed to look out for themselves, to get clean and back on their feet.

    No addict… wants to be an addict. Why ask them if they would “like” to get clean and leave it up to them? If an addict knows they will get the support they need… get clean… and have the support to re-integrate their lives into society… they will line up. As it is, these voluntary clinics are underfunded and still socially looked down upon. If people would just put away THEIR moral judgements of such people and realize they need HELP… we could do a lot I think with a country wide program of detox and rehabilitation.

    I understand the need for an addict to “buy in” to his own recovery… but if it is ALWAYS left up to him or her… they will ultimately fail.

    Addicts… need the tough love of a parent, not a jail cell.

    Fund a program that would provide drugs at minimal cost, this should NOT be free, and you will begin to remove the cancer at its source.

    Preventing kids from getting into drugs… will be harder. Even with low fee clinics, most normal kids may still opt for street sellers. But with legalization, it will no longer be behind closed doors and in back alleys. It will be open and both the public and parents will be aware of what is going on.

    Alcohol… was once illegal and look at the mess (and the profit) it created.

    I think it is high time (pun intended) to let adults decide for themselves what they wish to put into their bodies or not.

    Over time… drugs will remain a problem, much like alcoholism. But at least… there can be awareness and programs to help just like with alcoholism.

    Right now… under the Cons… all our kids are going to receive is a jail cell and a criminal record for simply trying to fit in and numb the pain of broken homes and strained parental relations.

    This problem… starts at home… and it is high time adults started realizing that no matter how “good” they think they have been as a parent, if your kid is into drugs, it is because they are MISSING something at home.

    I never for even one second considered taking drugs. That was because the love of my parents was always there, anytime, day or night, to talk about anything.

    If your kid is not talking to you… THAT IS A GLARING SIGN something is wrong at home.

    If families would SLOW DOWN… take the TV out of the kitchen… and eat ONE MEAL A DAY together… AS A FAMILY… statistics have shown drug and teen sex rates drop like a stone.

    The government can’t mandate individuals to become better parents and families… but if we don’t look at our so called “modern and progressive” secular society of distraction, debt, and depression… nothing we do… will save our kids from drugs.

    If your kid is doing drugs… look in the mirror. Denial… at its most potent and painful.

    I have a feeling I will get a lot of flack for saying that… but the truth was never a sweet pill to swallow. Just as Socrates.

  24. Avatar of Adam Richards Adam Richards said on

    It’s high time we can buy marijuana from an LCBO-like establishment. Prohibition didn’t work, and keeping plant illegal is preposterous!

  25. Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on

    To some of you I missed….thank you for again your sane and rational views

    And ….WOW

    Oh my …..Curtis Carlson
    What glib back ground do you come from?

    For the sake of all this I will just maybe put a disclaimer here and say you must mean heroin or crystal meth or cocaine ??? Of the illegal ones …and alcohol fat and sugar of the legal?


    If you want me to think to add cannabis??

    Hahhaha ….well sorry
    Are you going to tell us willy nelson smokes cannabis because he has issues about how he was raised?

    I am of course sorry to have to say this but I disagree with your comments then

    To me its like saying I eat cheeseburgers cause my parents divorced and I am an addict?

    Don’t get me wrong …nothing kills more people than cheeseburgers in this country don’t forget …heart disease cancer stroke you name it…all cheeseburger related if the truth be told
    but I eat cheeseburgers because I love them
    Some can call it an addiction ……wont change a thing …I wont shed a mere tear
    You can only be called an addict when you are trying to quit something and cant…not when others bibles tell them so and they call you one


    I am not and have absolutely no intention to do so
    Even in jail guards make sure you never run out …see as an illegal substance everyone knows anyone can make money on it
    Its not rocket science
    I am sure if cheeseburgers become prohibited and we get the MEA instead of the DEA many will be looking at a long stretch in that friendly penal system

    I dispute your thinking and point out that hundreds of things you may not realize are actually drugs in some definition based on peoples use of them

    Anyone pretending people like Louis Armstrong or Mark Twain used cannabis because they had issues is missing the obvious

    Michael Phelps ….You remember him?

    He is the fellow they lambasted in the media after it was discovered he was a pothead and they publicised pictures of him with a bong ??

    He was in the Athens and Beijing Olympics and became the most successful athlete at THOSE OLYMPICS !! with a total of 16 medals
    He is one medal away from being the most successful Olympian of all time !!

    In two Olympics ONLY he has twice equalled the record eight medals of any type at a single Olympics achieved by Soviet gymnast Alexander Dityatin at the 1980 Moscow Summer Games. His five golds in individual events tied the single Games record set by compatriot Eric Heiden in the 1980 Winter Olympics and equaled by Vitaly Scherbo at the 1992 Summer Games. Phelps holds the record for the most gold medals EVER won in a single Olympics; his eight at the 2008 Beijing Games surpassed American swimmer Mark Spitz’s seven-gold performance at Munich in 1972. Phelps’ Olympic medal total is second only to the 18 Soviet gymnast Larisa Latynina won over three Olympics, including nine gold. Furthermore, he holds the all-time record for most individual gold Olympic medals, at nine.

    And some would think smoking cannabis to be like smoking tobacco on the lungs as the fake science would have you believe when in fact the opposite is obviously true

    How about Dan Aykrod … Carl Sagan …. Pierre Burton … Pierre Trudeau … Morgan Freeman … Michael Bloomberg the mayor of new york … Ted Turner … Woody Harroldson … Arnold Schwarzenegger …. Stephen King…. William F. Buckley

    The list could go for miles

    You ever hear of Sir Richard Branson??

    How about the richest human on the planet Bill Gates

    You going to tell us he is a failure?

    I am sorry I needed to reply to the tone your posts sets

    I’ll have none of it !!

    Some of you get it and some dont obviously

    This says it so true

    With this part

    “”"The answer, says pollster Frank Graves, is complicated but lies partly with a politically-shrewd government appealing to its base and to an aging population that craves moral certainty. And, unlike the majority of young Canadians, they vote.

    “They tend to be anti-intellectual, anti-science and with little interest in debating the evidence or listening to expert opinion,” says Graves. “Many simply want people who do bad things to be severely punished whether it makes streets safer or not.”

    Please people quit the boogy man stories and wise up you are wasting 30 % of all your taxes chasing someone’s grandchildren …….for what??..their health ???

    I hope the liberals are as smart as I think they are…..for all our sakes


    • Avatar of Curtis Carlson Curtis Carlson said on

      Wow Shavluk yourself. :-)

      I don’t even know where to begin.

      Logic. Sugar/fat (i.e. cheeseburgers) and drugs. Fail… Paremindies 101 for not comparing like to like.

      I can’t even tell if you disagree with me. I support legalization of marijuana so the rant on the number of people in high profile that use was pointless and redundant.

      As for harder drugs… a clinic is what I advise, not outright selling. Use a little common sense.

      As for your stellar individuals on pot who are not coping with the ‘bogey man’ of mental illness… fine. Again… let’s compare like to like as LOGIC dictates for accurate reasoning and deductions.

      “The statistics on teen depression are sobering. Studies indicate that one in five children have some sort of mental, behavioral, or emotional problem, and that one in ten may have a serious emotional problem. Among adolescents, one in eight may suffer from depression. Of all these children and teens struggling with emotional and behavioral problems, a mere 30% receive any sort of intervention or treatment. The other 70% simply struggle through the pain of mental illness or emotional turmoil, doing their best to make it to adulthood.”

      Gee. I wonder how kids cope? Cheeseburgers!!! Yah… that must be it.

      Dude… if you want to hit the bong.. I ain’t stopping you. So chill.

      If YOU feel the need to compare your marijuana use to the “stars”… go right ahead. But many studies show those people are also of the most messed up and depressed type as well.

      I have never met a pothead… that did not have some problem in life their were coping for. My totally biased opinion and in a free country, I can express it. Glad you expressed yours… now to each there own.

      As for where I come from?

      Parents married 40+ years. All in my family, both sides, are still married. Out of 14 of 16 family and direct relatives… all still married. Many kids. No trouble with drugs, not a one. NONE are religious except one side of the family and that accounts for 3 couples. I myself believe in God… the concept… and subscribe to no particular religion but I do have my influences… Islam, Sikhism, Taoism and Buddhism. No suicides in the family. No depression other than normal life trials and tribulations. Only a few smokers and most of them are quitting.

      You can keep your hollywood and corporate tycon fellow bong hitters as mentors and idols… I’ll keep my family thank you.

      To quote shakespeare… “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

      If I have triggered latent ire at MORAL questioning of your habits… those are issues YOU have to deal with… not me. We all go back to the same place… you with your karma… me with mine.

      Thank you for the comment.

  26. Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on

    Sorry sonny you didnt hit any nerves at all
    I make all my own payments and your opinion is just that
    To do what I do shows I have skin thicker than some peoples brains

    Guess what sonny 100 % …yes catch that 100 % of any like me have been get this ready for it ??….yes sonny we were all KIDS at one point too

    Did you read what I said about the suicide statistics with cannabis using males adolescents??

    We will leave it at you confused and thinking years in means absolutely anything
    Years in is irrelevant if its for the wrong reasons and I have seen some couple who should have divorced as their cowardice was copied by their children

    Thank goodness we only need 37 % to govern as harpercrite has shown us its obvious we wont please religious zealots with this policy nor their religious comic book heros

    If you are including cannabis users in your little self deduced formula of yours yes I disagree with you and say even if you were correct..which you are not…the current cowardly policy of the liberals is not the answer
    And yours is a non answer

    We have enough of those

    Maybe you should work at getting prohibition extended to include divorce??
    Then you can see real damage to kids in some cases

    Sorry but not all people who experiment are evil or sick nor flawed
    They are human beings…human be ings…get me?

    Oh and thank you too….I hope you dont take more of what I have tried to say …wrong so I will just stop saying to you just to lessen that chance

    I understand I dont reach all…I am not perfect and have absolutely no intention to be so


    • Avatar of Curtis Carlson Curtis Carlson said on

      @ Shavluk.

      Quote: “Maybe you should work at getting prohibition extended to include divorce??”

      How do you come up with this? Can you not read. I am FOR the DECRIMINALIZATION of marijuana.

      How did you deduce I want to prohibit divorce? I am for LESS interference in peoples lives, not more. I would like to see a VOLUNTARY clinic for distribution of harder drugs… but ONLY if we actually SUPPORT people to kick their addictions with REAL detox and life enhancing rehabilitation.

      Quote: “I hadnt even mentioned the number one cause of deaths of young men outside of accidents is actually suicide…yet… negligible numbers to those young men who have tried cannabis….bizarre eh?”

      Yes… I have now read it. So… the answer to suicide is marijuana? Is this your personal opinion. If I ever feel down.. I should NUMB myself instead of searching for the ROOT cause of my depression and FACING THE TRUTH of my life?

      If you need to compare SUICIDE deaths to cannabis use in order to justify it… I think that alone speaks VOLUMES as to the psychology of users.

      I am sorry your use has left a black mark on your life in preventing you to get jobs. That is truly a shame. I would also advocate with decriminalization that all former convictions for what is now illegal, can apply for a review and pardon.

      Does that sit ok with you “sonny?”

      I just advocated the removal of BOTH cannabis illegality and former convictions for crimes that are now legal.

      Look. It seems you have a problem with “rules” that you don’t want to follow. If someone believes there are such things as MORAL laws… that DOES NOT mean they should be enforced on other people. YOU have to choose your actions in life… and if MORAL LAW/KARMA happens to deal you a bad hand… I don’t need to force anyone to believe what I do about morality.

      I don’t want this thread hijacked on a moral discussion about drug use. Each will have their own personal opinion on whether drugs are “good” for society to be exposed to.

      So… let’s keep the FOCUS on not judging people for the failings or recreation… however you wish to interpret it… and create a society where people are free to live as they wish AND have resources to turn to if addiction becomes a real problem.

      Quote: “Oh and thank you too….I hope you dont take more of what I have tried to say …wrong so I will just stop saying to you just to lessen that chance”

      Wrong or right… I am just trying to UNDERSTAND what you are saying. The tone is one of self-righteous, elder, “no one can tell me what I can or cannot do with my life”… sprinkled with rambling personal stump speech quotes and finishes with a condemnation of anyone (such as myself) who might suggest a deeper psychological issue behind drug use which… EVERY statistic will show is in the majority of cases to be precisely that… a coping mechanism.

      Then again… that sounds like a lot of pot smokers I have met in my life. Pot DOES affect your brain. In fact… it just might make you

      The Downside of High

      “Teenagers who start smoking marijuana before the age of sixteen are four times more likely to become schizophrenic. That’s the startling conclusion of some of the world’s top schizophrenia experts, whose research is featured in the new documentary The Downside of High.”

      So… go right ahead. I want you to be FREE to choose to put whatever you want in your body. The information is out there. I don’t need the government to impose any rules on anybody… God/karma seems a pretty good judge and jury for most people. If you continue to ignore the laws that govern your own health and vitality… that is your choice.

      No one… no one… is going to advocate cannabis use is akin to good exercise, good food, and a sound mind.

      As for being perfect… we were born so… and only through man’s choice, does he fall from the divine creature he was meant to be.

      Again… I am FOR legalizing marijuana and clinical access and treatment for harder drugs. If you would stop hitting that bong just once… you might realize I am ON YOUR SIDE!

      • Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on

        Hey Curtis

        First off I should apologize for my tone towards you

        You of course are just completely unaware of lots of things I am dealing with right now and have dealt with
        I went to jail and didnt see my kids as an innocent man framed for traficking for 8 grams of cannabis… twenty years ago just for in my opinion …talking about police murdering Saskatchewan First Nations peoples by leaving them out of town to freeze to death (Pre Stonechild case)

        I am not your enemy nor you mine
        But I tell you point blank I have spent 21 years knowing this issue inside and out and doing the necessary research to back up my claims and spent the money to back up my efforts north american wide politically and as I have said been in every election I can here in canada

        # 1 I am busy going bankrupt as the victim of two libels by elizabeth may and the soon dead green party that no reporter reports about…on purpose

        elley may as I call her just friday sent me a letter saying they wont bankrupt me with all the legal fees they promised to do after I sued for libel if I take down all my you tube videos etc showing her lies and libels……go see them please

        She filed Sworn Court Affidavits proven in court as LIES and right now has a lie on her webpage we are probably going to sue her again for
        She got caught in court lying and saying they didnt alter a Press Release Libelling me and I pointed out from the stand she forgot to take down her facebook one that still had the original Libel and made her look like the LIAR I know she is

        She called the police the day after I announced I myself would run against her in election and said I threatened to kill her or harm her
        Had that been me according to police I would have been jailed
        They told me she is someone and I am not and that she has political pull high up trying to help silence me because of the cannabis issue

        I have tons video recorded ..even court rooms and judges that some day will expose some who should be exposed

        There are many you tube videos explaining more.

        And as she is spending members money and not her own and as she has the help of the harpercrites to destroy me because of the noted fear they have of my success I know its going to only get much uglier as I probably end up back in jail for trying to re clear my very good name

        This may help or just google

        # 2 I dont use a bong nor am I a cheeseburger addict I was only being dramatic and making a point and adding what I thought was humour
        I had never even tried cannabis until I was 27 with 7 and 6 year old children and I must say it saved my life by making me aware I had one

        # 3 There is no proof about what you say about mental illness and cannabis and I of course must burst your bubbles because to us the issue as I say is one of life and death and certainly not about taking legal toxic harmful synthetic drugs instead of natural non toxic illegal ones
        Because some one made them illegal to hurt mexican immigration does not mean they are harmful or even wrong to use….read the bible some know it was used then

        “”"”"For example, authors of a 2009 study published in Schizophrenia Research said definitively that increased cannabis use by the public has not been followed by a proportional rise in diagnoses of schizophrenia or psychosis. Investigators at the Keele University Medical School in Britain compared trends in marijuana use and incidences of schizophrenia in the United Kingdom from 1996 to 2005. Researchers reported that the “incidence and prevalence of schizophrenia and psychoses were either stable or declining” during this period, even the use of cannabis among the general population was rising.”"”"”

        # 4 I appreciate your participation here but I will not stand idly by well what I consider lies are being spread….show us the bodies Sir…show us the proof of what you say…I say it is B S and stand with SCIENCE not a bible or some sick twisted bullying nature that dislikes things they know nothing about

        # 5 Maybe please read this

        Lies are no reason to think others have any rights to destroy others lives over personal choice

        But yes lets get back to what this is about helping liberals find answers and then guts shall we?

        I know I am probably just wasting my time because I know how much money is made jailing people and destroying them

        They say it costs $88,000 a year for Provincial jail and $109,000 a year for Federal time….I laugh and said in elections why would you do that instead of maybe $10,000 a year for affordable housing or $10,000 for an education ???……I know why now….many makes their livelihoods by destroying lives and that is a legitimate business to what ? at least 36 % of voters right?

        Please lets all try to get a bit more educated before we blow this chance that should of course be done as is known to any sane reasonable person

        I am far from your enemy

  27. Avatar of Richard McNamara Richard McNamara said on

    Hey we are loosing focus here! Let have some solid ideas and discussion about the drug problem.

  28. Avatar of Richard McNamara Richard McNamara said on

    How, would we as the LPC pitch to the public making drug addition a disease to be treated instead of a prision term? How, would we house, feed, cloth these people. How do you put a value on hte non-committing of a crime?

    How could we attack (we don’t want to be put on the defensive here) the HARPERMENT of CANADA’s big dumb dork approch to the drug problem?

    • Avatar of Curtis Carlson Curtis Carlson said on

      @ Richard… making the pitch for legalization and treatment.

      This is how I would word.

      1) Acknowledge that the individual is PERSONALLY responsible for their actions. This will please BLUE types and some Liberals.

      2) Acknowledge that society has a SOCIAL responsibility to help those who have become addicts get treatment, not judgement.

      This does two things as I highlighted.

      It acknowledge personal actions in life are ones own. They choose to do drugs. They must confront that choice that led them to addiction.

      It acknowledges that even if one is responsible for ones actions… that DOES NOT allow society to judge and condemn them to a prison cell…. which solves nothing.

      In short…

      Responsibility… and care… are the tone the legislation should set.

      Every Canadian will support such legislation. It is the BALANCED approach… the Liberal way.

    • Avatar of Curtis Carlson Curtis Carlson said on

      @ Richard.

      Quote: “How, would we as the LPC pitch to the public making drug addition a disease to be treated instead of a prision term? How, would we house, feed, cloth these people. How do you put a value on hte non-committing of a crime?”

      This is EXACTLY what I am talking about. THIS is the discussion we need to bring to the convention.

      Can you imagine the effect of putting the $$$ Harper is going to spend on prisons and enforcement into TREATMENT and getting addicts off hard drugs?

      Stunning concept… I know.

  29. Avatar of Richard McNamara Richard McNamara said on

    How do we sell legalizing recreational drug? Which ones? We back that up with the toughess, set of laws on the books. No get out of jail cards, for drug dealers, importers, etc. Any thing not under the recreational category goes to the addiction side. Perscription drugs.

  30. Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on

    I cant just leave it with that post on top as it is not reflective of most of the resolution

    So I will say more

    Now not that I think it killed him… I know it didnt ……as I did a 40 day fast myself on only water

    I know what killed him….again cause I have been there
    Sitting and waiting for jail killed him and his heart
    Dont doubt for one second
    How will my kids adjust
    Who will see to their needs
    Who will feed the dog
    Where will your stuff go….????

    Thousands of stressfully thoughts involved before you even get to the real so called punishment

    Its scary if you have never been

    Not if you have

    A moment of reflection please canada…see the fruits of your ignorance and think of his children and grand children

    A moment for Istvan Marton

    Thank you canada….do you feel safer now???

  31. Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on

    Anyone but me notice Dan Mulligans post now says this…..

    ……..”"”said on Nov 14, 2011 at 8:27 pm “”"

    There is no “said” talking any where here
    Dan Mulligan’s name is now removed
    Mr 28 years in policing

    Some sort of change of mind???

    Police Union?

    You betcha !!! I would guess that or some small slight pension cheque slip ups more likely

    Dont forget who butters your bread !!! I am sure was tossed around

    Some one applied a little pressure like I know they can and poof now no danny boy here on the record any more

    Hahhaha…I again say I have seen it all before

    The powers against human rights and freedom are very powerful

    They can spend millions openly as graft and corruption in their riding pretending G 8 yet the sheeple do nothing as the media is owned and silenced and House is coming on hahhaha

    Right now they are telling you the “”occupy movement “” is over and had their say even though they ignored them unless some one died in a tent

    As I say I am not very hopeful these days as I am pretty sure the liberals dont actually want to win if it means being different than what they were in the past ….game players

    Its a sad day for canada ……please have a look and see that dan has been muzzled obviously

    Come get your cheque all is forgiven …..LOL

    Cheers all

  32. Avatar of Ryan Campbell Ryan Campbell said on

    The thing I love about this policy is how the revenue it generates enable us to cut taxes for the poor, increase social spending and reduce the deficit all at the same time. This is a big winner.

  33. Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on






  34. Avatar of Curtis Carlson Curtis Carlson said on

    Interesting article on drug legalization in Portugal and Netherlands. Here is one quote:

    “Portugal decriminalized possession of all drugs in 2001. The outcome, after nearly a decade, according to a study published in the November issue of the British Journal of Criminology: less teen drug use, fewer HIV infections, fewer AIDS cases and more drugs seized by law enforcement. Adult drug use rates did slightly increase — but this increase was not greater than that seen in nearby countries that did not change their drug policies. The use of drugs by injection declined.”


  35. Avatar of Colin Broughton Colin Broughton said on

    To those who have brought up claims that cannabis is a cause of schizophrenia, the evidence tends to refute those claims.

    Over the last 20 years, there has been a steady, slow decline in schizophrenia rates in Britain, while in the same period there has been a steady increase in cannabis use.

    I have seen a number of (government funded) studies that attempted to infer causality from associational statistics. Karl Pearson, the father of statistical mathematics, would have flunked everybody who makes that mistake. As an example, consider the fact that every morning, just before the sun rises, the cock crows. Based upon the perfect association and the time relationship of the events, would you infer that the rooster crow causes the sun to rise? Such inference errors are very common in medical literature.

    Correct causal inference generally requires very carefully designed experiments and the use of Bayesian statistical methods. When proper statistical methods are brought to bear, it is consistently found that cannabis use is unlikely to *cause* schizophrenia.

    On the other hand, alcohol use is behind a huge fraction of mental health problems, yet we do not interfere with individual choice.

    Liberals should support this resolution because to do otherwise perpetuates the racist and religious prejudices that historians tell us gave rise to cannabis prohibition in the first place.

    Finally, I do think the Party of Laurier should consider the fact that Laurier opposed alcohol prohibition, based both on liberal principles and on the anticipated rise in organized crime. Lsurier was right, and exactly the same reasoning applies to the equally foolish prohibition against cannabis.

  36. Avatar of dmulligan dmulligan said on

    Relax, Mr SHAVLUK… as I’ve said to my real boss on many an occasion… “Don’t pay the ransom… I escaped!!!” :-)

    Man oh man… a guy can’t even work outta town for a few days without the sky falling :-)

    Professional police agencies do NOT muzzle independent thought… at least not since a certain Liberal Prime Minister (PET) enshrined freedom of speech within our Charter… we most definitely live in the BEST country in this world, folks!!!

    I believe I’ve made my personal position on this issue abundantly clear within my two previous posts.. very pleased to see new perspectives joining this discussion. I look forward to continued lively debate on this issue. I’ve had MY say… we need to hear from many others on this topic.

    As I mentioned earlier, the economic implications of legalization & regulation of cannabis are, quite frankly, difficult to fully appreciate. One interesting thought would be to dedicate the first profits to addressing our First Nations’ infrastructure issues country-wide… given that it was the Kelowna Accord that first went “up in smoke” when the Conservatives won their first minority government.

    Best to all…


  37. Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on

    Welcome back Dan !

    I am assuming you of course …asked ??…why your name is gone down below and they are just getting right on adding it back up ? Right???

    Whew….I am relieved of course ??

    I guess as its appropriate to maybe shed some light for my suspicious nature ?…
    Not that going to jail as an innocent man …already and being bankrupted with it would not make any one suspicious in the future …but ……and as a way to put it out there… I guess… sure why not

    Most of course don’t understand what I and others have been up against?
    What the other side does……openly in fact…to try and shut us up

    Yes I am sure most would question how it could happen in a country like canada
    As some may know…
    Sept 4 2008 I was politically assassinated with some old two sentence comment out of hundreds in the complete comment …taken out of context

    Something not even said by me …

    The lines above …??

    ”””” you cops are on borrowed time as far as being the enforcers of bad laws and being used as society’s GOONS.
    YOU soon will be seen as relevant again and as important as you used to be ,a pillar of the community. i realize how hard it would be to enforce stupid laws and i know i could not have thrown Rosa Parks from the bus. must be a redneck gene somewhere.

    if we want to talk about laws,,why don’t you care that your country started an illegal war in Iraq,,arrest some one you law racists!!!!
    everyone knows but you guys whats going to happen and its way over due””””

    The lines below it……???

    ””””half your country’s income squandered on the military every year and you have children going to bed hungry every night disgusting!
    the real truth about who did what and why will come out trust me.””””

    and POOOOOF …….I was removed as a federal candidate for the greens

    I was in at least 600 newspapers at last count that day
    TV…. Radio… the full meal deal… trust me….I was david ahenaques peer or some such drivel ….a step below hermen ghering I think

    I repeated a comment someone in a 911 conspiracy movie had said and it even said that and even though the greens had even cleared me of the exact same comment 18 months earlier…… even confirmed by a local newspaper ….it was then trumpeted again nation wide as new news and I was dumped as a candidate

    Yes as Elizabeth went about libelling me not once but twice 12 days later…see she had just recieved that floor crosser blair wilson and of course a cannabis activist no matter how hard working nor effective was now mere baggage ….I guess
    (I to this day dont know why she was complicate with harper maybe he was going to give her a senate seat like she thought dion was???)

    But again what some dont know is that this let her out of her video taped promise to bring up cannabis in the TV Debates
    That was if me and my groups some how raised a big enough stink and got her in the TV Debates…..(another story)

    But what most don’t also understand…. is that while all this was taking place something was taking over our phones and internet….both my wifes and mine that day

    Typing backwards and in other languages…mine flashed ***QUIT**** in huge letters…and they did it all by themselves

    Two computer shops have since asked jokingly if I was attacked by the FBI …etc… as they of course cant fix em

    Suffice to say I have had two police forces here at a time many times shaking me down here for my political work it goes with out question

    Even people that stood up for me on line that night were met on the highway 2 hours later …coincidently….. and searched and charged…. yes with even 3 cruisers in the middle of Alberta no where land ….

    Some are naive and don’t connect dots but I have so many dots even the blind could see the image its so pronounce …… if they ever bothered to actually looked

    I am not by any stretch of the imagination surprised by much any more

    As the dust settled and we regained our phones etc I did as I did in the financial world and spent a very long time investigating and searching

    At the end of the tunnel I determined and proved with saved web pages that my attacker only had two friends or connections …only two
    One was the man I used as I brought the green party out of the closet about cannabis on their biggest all time blogs as we came to see that we should yes re legalize cannabis and as they announced Oct 11 2007

    He … a former conservative candidate …owned Blogging Tories web site where I had spent years fighting them as we educated their members and changed their minds and they came around to thinking decriminalizing cannabis was the right answer …. even against the site owners political wishes…Yes we can say I was a burr in his saddle etc

    Th second name was and is prime minister of this country has the page by the way

    I could and should write a book
    Police have waited for me at the end of the road here and given me a ticket for going through a stop sign on a street with no stop sign…I kid you not…I had announced I would go into court and file this or that and I guess they thought a delay would hurt me???
    They even wrote down it happened in a different city and street

    I was carrying a concealed camera and said so later….they didnt show up in court and had been successful delaying me and costing me two days pay to fight it

    Not sure even how many attacks I have officially taken now any more but the only shake down that bothered me was when my youngest son sitting inside using our video surveilence system was the only thing that freed me after we watched them drag the scent dog by a chain to my compounds gate and then start to charge me for stealing gas

    I explained we had not even been there all day as we had spent 8 hours at the local polls working as a volunteer for the ndp and they could confirm it quickly if they cared

    But in the end it was only when I pointed out that all they had already done was recorded by my son up above them at that window

    Thank god !

    Again…. a day after I called jack Layton a coward and a hypocrite on the internet and resigned from them …..right after the 2006 Quebec City Convention….. the rcmp and delta police both screeched in here and shook us down and said I had threatened to cut up some ones child into little pieces !!!

    Can you imagine ??? !!

    When lawyers like kirk tousaw later checked the occurrence numbers given freely by two police departments did not even exist as I had already found out previously myself

    I give all this…. so you Dan understand … I hope?

    People have absolutely no clue … we live in a cesspool of corruption and greed in a lot of ways and the forces against this type of answer to solve this issue would sooner shoot people like me than have people wake up and demand the sane answer

    If you think it sounds crazy …??
    Try to live it as your wife is crying in fear after some attacks Sir

    The rcmp would be nothing without the drug trade lets face it and were built with prohibition in the first place

    I make absolutely no bones about my openness and candour and challenge anyone to make me prove any of it…!! GLADLY

    Sadly I know no one cares unless it happens to some one they know

    I get nothing from doing this except the thought that maybe some Canadians will start to wake up and maybe get informed and realize they are creating life long struggles for local children who are just unlucky enough to be the latest one holding a harmless joint of a plant that is not poison nor even harmful and that some person has determined they must be ruined for it and destroyed because they just happen to have gotten caught

    And yet Presidents of the USA who have done the same exact thing and are just excused after the fact and then just use that statement to make jokes at dinner parties

    ”””I didn’t inhale hahhahhaha”””…..
    Sorry you would not inhale for a bit longer if you said that in my face and if I had any say in the matter ….hypocrite !

    Sorry to any offended by my style ….soon enough I am sure we all can just go back to sleep as the liberals will I am sure determine that this issue is just too political and they of course cant deal with political issues…. I mean come on eh….what do you think they are???

    I am glad to see you back Dan…..

    I am saddened this issue does not get huge enough numbers to convince liberals to stop being cowards as the whole country now wishes they would and wake up

    I will be also saddened when this glimmer of hope is over and forgotten like so many other times

  38. Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on


    Should marijuana be legalized in Canada? #pd_a_5698880

    Four former mayors of Vancouver have signed an open letter calling for the legalization of pot, saying “marijuana prohibition is — without question — a failed policy.”

    Mike Harcourt, Philip Owen, Larry Campbell and Sam Sullivan have endorsed the Stop the Violence BC coalition, a group that favours legalizing marijuana to reduce gang violence.

    The letter goes on to say that prohibiting pot is “creating violent, gang-related crime in our communities and fear among our citizens, and adding financial costs for all levels of government at a time when we can least afford them.”

    The coalition recently released a survey that suggested most people in B.C. oppose current marijuana laws.

    Do you? Why or why not? What reasons would you give for ending or upholding the prohibition of marijuana in Canada? Let us know what you think.

    Two day Tally ?

    Thank you for voting!
    Yes. 92.95% (14,932 votes)

    No. 5.74% (922 votes)

    I’m not sure. 1.31% (210 votes)

    Total Votes: 16,064


    I certainly hope I have not just scared some away by telling the truth about what actually goes on by even our own government as people stand up?
    Yes it is and has been torturous and very bleak and lonely ….beatings … jailings…audits…lost jobs/loans…..discrimination in leaps and bounds…yes
    As if any of it should be hidden???

    If so you are condoning terrorism in your own country and like politicians…cowards and willfully ignorant

    In 4 days this chance to educate those in charge here will be over

    If you dont do it…WHO WILL??

    When they come for you….remember when you could have done something

    I rest my case

    Please help here for all those just like us already in jail and those soon headed there

    And after November 30 if nothing does happen most likely I would like to say I hope you all do remember and then reward those who should be rewarded and as they have been in recent elections


    Over 50 Years later and still no change

  39. Avatar of Christopher Braginetz Christopher Braginetz said on

    As long is the THC and the CBD are regulated as with alcohol, legalizing it is better than the current alternative.

    I have no personal wish to alter reality, but for those who do, there isn’t much difference in damage between the two. There will always be addicts and abusers.

    • Avatar of Robert Collett Robert Collett said on

      Chrstopher, if I may, CBD’s are cannabinoids…they are an acid like what you get in flax (which is extremely good for anyone) The are converted in the body to essentially a Mr. Fixit. They are not psychoactive..cannot be in any way. TCH is only that when in hugely unbalanced proportions ( which people have bred into plants for ‘cocktail’ effect. We have a cannabinoid system in our body…always have. You do in yours. It’s called the Endocannabinoid system. It’s now something one taxes or tries to control through any misguided governance. This is natural stuff – not unnatural. To make any suggestion otherwise is what is the unnatural part. It’s the very same as trying to refuse people air or water….or trying to regulate or tax a person drinking water to survive or breathing O2 to survive, as well. That in a nutshell is what’s so ridiculously upside down about this whole issue. It’s caused by misinformed people in turn misinforming others and twisting the truth to a point where it’s like a bad acid trip. It’s typical of so much of what is accepted as normal in our supposedly highly educated and informed society. – an even larger more nasty ‘bad acid trip’. What most people don’t seem to get is that a vast number of PHD’s, MDs, in biology, chemistry and physics are so enamoured with the THC and CB’s ( CBD, CBC, CBG and so on) that are offered up from this plant that has been around growing for a suggested 65 million years. That’s Million years. The point is lost on most, also, that the U.S. Government has patented for years and still continues to patent substances within this plant. That should be a red flag. How does one patent substance that was here before humans were? …and a substance that is growing for all to utilize? Insane …nice try though. The sooner people stop reacting to boogey men ideas planted in their psyche by idiots of yesteryear and still today….the sooner we can correct this fraud on all of us.

  40. Avatar of martin nesvadba martin nesvadba said on

    Let me start by saying that I suport the resolution, and I hope that it passes.
    I believe that Jonathan Toma is right that our southern neighbor is a stumbling block but not only on this subject,but a series of others as well. By standing up here in Canada (the best country in the world)for progresive polisies we can oppose neo-conservetives here and south, it would definatly steer the pot(ha ha),in this time of 1% vs. 99% this might not be so easy to oppose even in the US.
    I understand that over half our population has tried marijuana.We can not accept to have them all be criminelized.
    As we are looking for relavence with Canadian electorate and a way to mobilize, we need to stand for some real principals that resonate with Canadians.This could be a way to do the right thing,regain the world’s respect and become a world leaders again,and help canadians fix our bottom line in no small part,and at last but not least to find the militants from coast to coast to coast that we desperatly need to mobilize the public so that we can regain the iniatiative. We have done this before ( the international non aliegne movement, saying that police has no bussiness in our bedrooms or bringing on the quiet revolution that saved Canada, health care etc.etc.etc.)we have been courages in the past and we have only gained from our courage.

    Lets find the courage of our and canadian convictions and by doing so save the country.

  41. Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on

    As the votes on these resolutions …now close…
    I for one…would like to thank all of you for making this happen

    After all the disappointments we have seen in the past decades

    And with games still being played here we have over come again

    Thank you all so very very much!! …. bravo !

    All our groups have been involved here….every last one by my records
    Nation wide support and involvement….
    You know who you are so please congratulate yourselves and more importantly your teams !

    I would also say though to have a look through most other resolutions here and notice we did do it our selves and notice who commented on those other resolutions and more importantly WHO DID NOT on ours

    We will still…. I think… have a huge battle to actually get any help within this party as the “politicos” I think… just hold their nose and just tolerate us…. yet obviously ignore our resolution….on purpose

    Shades of green and ndp come to my mind….. if we come here
    But there is no green party any more…..(its the self possessed elley may party now) and the ndp to us now means “”now done party “””….its the liberals turn to lose us

    Millions of votes can come if they are smart

    Many would like us probably still ignored here I am sure and pretty much say so in other resolutions here

    Sadly the stigma we all carry is all they really still see and sadly our fight will still continue here… I think any way…..YES that is until a real leader voices his confirmation of what we say here

    We must now do it again within the party and stand up to “fake” liberals here that are really only concerned with optics
    We must show them what we can do and have done

    We will I know if they are not just fakes and cowards like the ndp turned out to be and as they have been and as some obviously still are

    Now comes the real work if we are to continue building this party

    Will they be worthy???
    I am hopeful but not going to waste my time nor money as easily as I have in the past

    We now await A SIGN

    Are they liberals or are they not?

    We shall see as we wait with baited breath

    But yes we have again risen to the challenge and I for one am finally hopeful

    Thank you all from the bottom of my heart !!

    I salute each and every last one of you !!

    • Avatar of Mala Sahan Mala Sahan said on

      it is high time we take marijuana off the criminal list. it should be a personal choice, and it does a lot more good then tobacco, just to think of those who need it more medical reasons. why deny them that opportunity to live a life without pain.

      MaLa SaHan

  42. Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on



    IT IS NOT OVER YET !!!!!

  43. Avatar of Mark Ruddock Mark Ruddock said on

    More freedom is better than less freedom. This resolution rocks!

  44. Avatar of Ryan Campbell Ryan Campbell said on

    Just to build on the point about the former mayors of Vancouver, I thought I’d point out that there are both left-of-centre and right-of-centre politicians on that list. This is the kind of policy that appeals to thoughtful people all across the political spectrum, and at its core that’s what the Liberal Party should represent. We should strive to be the “Big Red Tent” that stands for thoughtful and rational and moral policies, and that isn’t beholden to any ideological straightjacket.

  45. Avatar of said on

    I support this resolution.

  46. Avatar of Robert Gales Robert Gales said on

    Follow the U.S, experience here and prepare a seriuos plan to manage the drug before going much further. I would suggest putting together a study group to resolve the issue but in the meantime at least decriminalize the use of small amounts and give the police the tools to keep users off the roads.

  47. Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on

    Strangely it seems we can still vote and post?

    We could not earlier

    I would add this if I may?

    It ties it all together I think
    How we got here…where we are headed

    More importantly it offers solutions and makes this issue to be as I know it is… just the tip of the iceberg

    Just maybe as a human……..please watch
    If you do take two hours and do anything for yourself

    Watch this

    What will you do???

    “”"”the problem of course…. like usual…. is the free energy machines

    Until more take their own energy independence seriously nothing will not change, nor can it

    That old adage “” tune in …drop out”” comes to mind

    At least here…. all bc hydro machines can still stay operating and in fact and only cost pennies to run

    So this province is equipped to handle a revolution of sort’s best and still keep the lights on

    I see much much more violence first before it ever comes to this movie but because of this movie I do now yes see the result”"”"

    I guess what I am saying is I will continue to try to see real truth and honesty is front and center in the liberal rebuilding or I wont be part of it …as the big picture is my real agenda

    We all need to wake up and whether you like it or not you will be forced to I think
    This issue is as I say … just the tip of the iceberg….if we cant deal with this one with so much truth and fact …..we will never be taken seriously to deal with the rest of the obvious answers

    The liberal party stands at a critical point and many are waiting to see if they in fact …get it !!

    I hope you all get to see this movie

    …and Good luck all !!!

    tis soon the season

  48. Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on

    The link was missing strangely



    Just google it if its not here again

    • Avatar of Standing White Buffalo Standing White Buffalo said on

      Upon substantial investigation Thrive is an Illumanti plan. Finding Jesus is the only way we can be saved. Lose all the chemicals, follow the bible, understand that Lucifer has withheld information from the masses so they have been planning for this for a great deal of time. Watch David Icke debunked on YouTube
      Alien illusions will come (bluebeam project), they will tell us they are here to help, however they will be manifested demons. it’s a great deception in getting us to think that we’re doing the right thing when we’re not.

      Wrt to cannabis legalization, it should include all illegal plants like Salvia Divornium and Tobacco. God said they were good, why is the government withholding? No they are not bad for you, the chemicals the gov adds is! They are spiritually enhancing plants from God that were meant to be used by human beings for many reasons. Thrive is following Alice Bailey’s written doctrine of Illumanti/Lucifers continued plan of suppression. These “Arch Angels” are all from “channeled” incarnations. Are they good or evil is the question I asked myself and upon research determined they are evil. Read Alice Bailey’s writings, that’s their master plan.

      Here’s one you should watch: Andrew Lloyd Webber with Lisa Harrison.

    • Avatar of Ryan Campbell Ryan Campbell said on

      Looks like a lot of tinfoil hat UFO garbage from what I saw…

      • Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on

        Sorry thats what you think
        Its actually quite a bit more although yes they cover quite a bit

        It is the most sane view of these types of movies including the Zeitgeist movies

        It goes into much more if you give it a chance

        But hey thanks for trying

        I hope it gets some views as the bottom line with it gives some good ideas

  49. Avatar of Donald MacAskill Donald MacAskill said on

    I personally support the “legalization, cultivation, distribution, and taxation of marijuana” by the Federal Government! Let’s get ‘er done in a way, like alcohol, controls and effective “pro-active” taxes are in place to supplement tax $$$ and support pro-active “abuse programs”. This is simple! ( .. or should be!??)

  50. Avatar of hurford1 hurford1 said on

    At the LPC-BC Annual Convention in Victoria last month, our grassroots policy process led to a number of resolutions being passed by over 300 delegates in attendance – including a proposal to legalize and regulate the cultivation and sale of cannabis. This policy was chosen as a priority resolution by Liberal Party members at the Victoria conference and the Young Liberals of Canada have kindly agreed to blend their existing resolution (#117) with the approved BC policy. Thanks YLC! Last week four former Vancouver Mayors (Larry Campbell, Sam Sullivan, Phillip Owen, Mike Harcourt) and the current one came out in support of the policy too.

    David Hurford, LPC-BC Policy Chair

    • Avatar of Deborah-Lynne Brown Deborah-Lynne Brown said on

      hmmmm…thanks for sharing this information…i’ve long held that this poor plant doesn’t get the respect it deserves…
      whether a person subscibes to its’ use or not as an individual choice, it is , put simply, something that grows naturally in our environment, and should be accessed fairly like any other plant found in nature…
      The wealth that could be distributed through its’ regulation by government is ‘mind-boggling’…
      There are so many possibilities.

  51. Avatar of Carl Braund Carl Braund said on

    Don’t get me started..If you REALLY dig deep the current prohibitive laws are actually COMPLETELY CONSTITUTIONALLY ILLEGAL! Let’s get this simple plant OFF ALL LISTS & drag it out of the mud where it currently is..This is one of the most remarkable plants on the planet & the public MUST reverse the image now-GET EDUCATED & GET OCCUPIED-no one human has any right to tell another human they can or can not grow a natural plant for free, for starters.. I’ll leave it at that. Oh, fyi, ‘recreational’ use constitutes only 0.01% of this plant’s beneficial uses..Interesting that 0.01% is regarded as 100% in the general population’s mind. The time is NOW.

    We the people are being and have been lied to, held under water as to the TRUE LIGHT this plant should be recognized for – the saviour of the planet as well as our own sorry asses..Any wafers only need to do themselves & everyone else a favour by WRITING A PROS & CONS list & pass the word on when it is realized how backward public perception is in its present state.

    Law enforcement will certainly benefit from the ridding of ALL associated laws, people will rightfully have the freedom to plant/grow/harvest whatever we need or require, or simply purchase such like one would ginger root.

    Mega jails, moronic diatribe from evangelical pulpits, are the true poison here. Again – the TIME IS unravel the complex & seemingly overwhelming subterfuge we’ve been force-fed at the expense of our own civil liberties & self-healing avenues.

    From youth to seniors, the education starts now – there really is no argument against this plant (see your pros & cons list) & it would be in everyone’s best interest to engage on this matter to bring a free, NON-ADDICTIVE, non-synthesized, non-toxic pain-management system to a life near YOU!
    BTW, in the photo – the iconic ‘FAN LEAF’ – interesting, that that is the LEAST useful (post growth) part of the plant (outside of materials manufacturing) but the most recognized.. There is actually NOTHING useless of this plant – every molecule is a benefit to mankind & the planet we live on.

    Shame on the Dupont family & all other monopolizing-minded government/corporate pole-stroking zealot who continues to keep the masses in the dark & blind-sided from the truth.

    THE TIME HAS COME – & as I always knew it was ‘a commin’….

    PASS THE WORD – ORGANIZE & PUT IN MOTION – the truth – as well, there is no ‘legalize’ or ‘decriminalize’ issues here – this plant is to be COMPLETELY & WHOLLY STRIPPED OF ALL CONTROL, TAXATION, LIMITS, PROHIBITION, MONOPOLIZING, INTENT TO MANIPULATE or DECEIVE the actual benefits IMMEDIATELY – notwithstanding the reversal of all existing criminal records & cases presently before the courts to properly reflect the reality & truth surrounding the current constitutionally ILLEGAL laws under which our lives have been & are being currently subject to.

    This is an outrage & has to be concluded with haste. Canada needs a PRIME MINISTER – not an egomaniacal buffoon with a religious agenda..

    By SUMMER 2012 – get this bus headed in the proper direction once-&-for-all..

    YOU IN????

    Starting … NOW!

    ps 1/10,000 benefits: (pure cannabis oil on psoriasis will brighten your day – & shock the hell out of you as to why you can’t just make this or buy this for next-to-nothing as it costs very little to produce (sans black market/government lies) & will heal the skin in a matter of.. well, almost instantly, actually!

    Go READ – TELL YOUR SENIOR FAMILY MEMBER there is a simple ingredient that will actually help them sleep, feel pain free – all from cannabis – & FREE TO GROW with the tomatoes & beans..

    The day is soon – when this plant is as hyped as FRESH GINGER ROOT!

  52. Avatar of Luke Bradley Luke Bradley said on

    Absolutely! Canada has the highest consumption rate of marijuana in the industrialised world, and the marijuana industry here is worth billions of dollars. Marijuana is not going anywhere, and a responsible government would be one that legalises and regulates it. Let the provinces create crown corporations reminiscent of the LCBO!

    Let’s allow the responsible use of marijuana for adults, use the MASSIVE tax revenue to support our healthcare system, and use the money saved in our criminal system to help enforce laws that protect Canadians from crimes that actually create victims!

  53. Avatar of Peter Germain Peter Germain said on

    E.C.S. = the endo cannibinoid system
    our bodies produce the same chemicals
    cannabinoids -that are in the marijuana plant.
    we use them to regulate every thing in our bodies
    even the way we think. marijuana is not a drug
    it is in fact the most essential nutrient one can digest
    [not smoke -digesting the oils]. there’s an excellent film by len richmond
    called ‘what if cannabis cured cancer’ which is does. proven by a man from nova scotia who cured 100′s of people of cancer. Rick Simpson.
    digesting cannabis oil is the cure in fact for many illnesses
    i have links galore but i don’t think this comment area allows them.
    as i tried ;p

  54. Avatar of Peter Germain Peter Germain said on

    over the last year or so i have been gathering information
    on the endocannabinoid system [e.c.s.]. though i cannot make links here
    my web site is after the at symbol of my user name.
    though my site is closed for a major redo i have left a up
    page with links i have gathered on e.c.s.
    its mind blowing.

  55. Avatar of Peter Germain Peter Germain said on

    i have left links on the face book page of
    Stop the Violence BC and
    Canadian Drug Policy Coalition

  56. Avatar of Richard McNamara Richard McNamara said on

    It is a waste of time to talk about legalizing Marijuana in isolation, it will never happen. We have to talk about it in terms of being SMART ON CRIME, not being TOUGH(STUPID) on CRIME.

  57. Avatar of John McCulligh John McCulligh said on

    Iam pulled in different directions on this resolution. My gut reaction is all I have on this one. I support this because it just seems the right thing to do despite knowing that our support will be fodder for the conservatives in the next election. We liberals were known to take tough decisions on issues that are not always politically smart but aregood for our nation as a whole. Regulating marijuana is the right thing to do. Throwing Canadians in jail for small amounts of marijuana is just wrong. I deem this issue in the same light as prostitution, both are mostly moral in nature that need to be regulated to be made safer for those involved.

  58. Avatar of Zachary Mullin Zachary Mullin said on

    make it corporate. YOu buy a permit, a permit is good for ten years, and it costs 30 million upfront. Clean, legal, funds. Let the tobacco companies take it.

    • Avatar of Christopher Braginetz Christopher Braginetz said on

      Hmm… regulation and a nice little new source of tax revenue, similar to tobacco and alcohol.

      I imagine it would still be cheaper than buying from the criminals.

      • Avatar of Mark Ruddock Mark Ruddock said on

        I know how to make it even cheaper: legalize it and DO NOT tax it.

        • Avatar of John McCulligh John McCulligh said on

          In a perfect world maybe…

        • Avatar of Christopher Braginetz Christopher Braginetz said on

          Like that will ever happen…

          Sin taxes have been around for far longer than I’ve lived, and that’s over half a century.

          It’s the Conservatives that think cutting taxes and increasing spending will balance the budget. I call that stupid.

    • Avatar of John McCulligh John McCulligh said on

      That is an interesting idea zach…re-constitute all them old tobacco farms in southern ontario with a crop that has a medical, commodity and tax value … jobs,jobs,jobs

  59. Avatar of Peter Germain Peter Germain said on

    why do people smoke pot ? to get hi.
    to get stoned . but do we know why we get hi from a plant resin?
    yes we have receptors in our brain – there called cb1 receptors [cb2 also]
    when someone smokes pot the thc stimulates these receptors in a certain way.
    but there not there just so we can get hi . they were already there.
    in fact the cb receptors are in almost every creature on this planet.
    it is at the foundation of evolution .its the difference between insects and us
    these receptors are in every part of our body they are used to regulate almost everything. its called the “endocannabinoid system” we create these cannabinoids
    in our bodies naturally . thc is just a type of cannabinoid.but the cannabis plant
    has over 60 cannabinoids in it,only a few get one hi.smoking cannabis has little health benefits compared to digesting the oil from it. by digesting the oil you replenish a system we use to regulate everything.even the way we think.i mean replenish because in our modern world our endocannabinoid system is working over time
    fighting off all the toxins we consume or are exposed to. the endo cannabinoid system is what we use to fight off illnesses like cancer or autoimmune deceases.
    so digesting cannabis oil, that is full of cannabinoids gives our body the fuel
    to fight off these illnesses. so yes i say legalize it ;p
    it will end gang related violence , it will stimulate the economy
    and create new jobs.and it can cure the sick.

  60. Avatar of Richard McNamara Richard McNamara said on

    SMART ON CRIME, I like that. This would be smart on crime.

    I’ve read somewhere that 85% of the crime in the country is related to drugs. That most of the money that the crime organizations make are from drugs. So we need to look at who has an interest in keeping the status quo:

    1) The Drug Importers
    2) The Manufacturers of Illegal Drugs
    3) The Criminal organizations that distribute the
    4) The local Crime Boss, and his front people.
    5) The people selling drugs on the street corners.
    6) The people selling drugs on our school grounds.

    You all know of these guys, but have you considered:

    7) The lawyers who defend the criminals in court.
    8) The lobbyists who are working the halls of
    government and justice.
    9) The police force, who receive funding based on the
    size of the Drug problem. The police have no
    interest at all in catching the the drug pushers
    and closing down their organizations.
    10) How about our prisons, without drug offenders they
    would have to close half of them.
    11) Judges, Crown Prosecutors, court personal etc.
    12) How about the whole drug enforcement system.

    The list just goes on and on: All these people have an interest in keeping the system as it is.

    So how do we stop it?

    To stop it you need to take the profit motive out of it.

    So how do we do this?

    Well let’s start by treating drug addiction as a disease (which it is) and giving the addicts prescriptions for their drugs. You then have a chance to reach these people and maybe turn their lives around, at the very least you take them off the street. Reducing street crime, break and entries, prostitution, muggings etc.

    Addicts would be getting cleaner drugs, and clean needles, reducing the costs to the health care system.

    This is complicated and start up is costly, no where near as costly as the crime it would replace, and the legal system the drug trade supports. Complicated yes, not as complicated as the system we are running now.

    Next step legalize recreational drugs, and sell them through government outlets. Costly start up but would very quickly pay the cost of the whole preventive system. Also, people would be getting cleaner drugs, and would be less likely to try street drugs.

    There would be very little reason for the development of new recreational drugs, (no money in it).

    There would be no one at our schools pushing drugs at our children.

    Our Police and court system could be refocused on other hard core crime problems.

    Over time, the number of addicted people would drop, but the big change would be people coming into the system from the hard drug side of things.

    There would no longer be a profit motive, at least not on any great scale.

  61. Avatar of Richard McNamara Richard McNamara said on


    To deny the existance of a drug problem in our society, is to put your head in the sand.

    Deinal is not the answer, so give us some solid options.



    So let us here your suggestions. Denial will not make the problem go away.

    OH! You are really going to piss off the Amercans.

  62. Avatar of Benjamin Miller Benjamin Miller said on

    I would support this resolution except for the part where it eliminates all criminal records of past convictions. Breaking the law is breaking the law, even if that law is no longer valid. It would be different if we were talking about people who were arrested for openly protesting this law in order to change it, but that is not the case in the vast majority of convictions. Most convictions are of people who know it is a crime, do little or nothing to change this fact and break the law anyway. On top of the blatant disrespect for the law, these people contribute to organized crime through their purchases often knowingly. while it is fair to say that this is because marijuana is illegal (and so on these grounds it would make sense to legalize it I agree) it does not make sense to say they are not still responsible for their contribution to organized crime. As long as they have a choice, which they did, they must be held accountable for their actions. Actively contributing to a criminal element and disregarding the law should have consequences and those consequences should not be retroactively undermined. Put simply, even if we agree they were right to smoke, I do not think it follows that they were right to smoke in spite of the law having not first engaged the law.

  63. Avatar of Robert Michael Booth Robert Michael Booth said on

    There are some very strong arguements both pro and con on the legalization of marijuna however in the many comments I have read, I think most of you are missing one vital element, public perception and support. I live in a small community of 5000 people and yes marijuna is as available here per say as anywhere. However, knowing all the people who live on my street personally, those using marijuna would be less than 15%. I know the seniors would not support this proposal and therefore would vote against the Liberal party if this became a policy. I also know the 10 to 15 year olds and very few of them if any are using marijuna. I have a 14 year old boy and I know what is going on around here. As a matter of interest I would also state that the majority of this youth category would also vote against the proposal if they were entitled to vote. Yes there are some good arguements for legalizing this drug, however it is similar to tobacco. Tobacco is regulated by government but cigarettes is one of the biggest items on the black market. Also those now growing marijuna for profit will not stop doing so just because you legalized the product. Regardless of the pros and cons, I do not think Canadians will support this proposal and thus the Liberal Party looses at the polls.

    • Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on

      @ Michael
      And I disagree with you completely and say a couple of things

      - seniors already vote by and large for conservatives

      - And you know a lot of lying teenagers

      - You can lose much more and if you think matching the harpercrite policies will work to gain votes again I say you are wrong

      - no one says anyone has to try it because no one is being shot for it

      @ Benjamin…..You ever jaywalk??….Yep I think you missed the resolution about the death penalty for it …and the back dating it too

      Stick around soon we will make hockey games and sugar illegal so we can ruin more lives needlessly

      And I guess you of course think all those jailed for being gay should of course stay as criminals too I bet eh?

      Luis Riel was a terrorist I bet eh?

      Hmm…I am just thankful that when my 3 million friends get here the bad parts of this party should be diluted so far as to be irrelevant

      See you all in Ottawa !!

  64. Avatar of Dave Yadallee Dave Yadallee said on

    Disagree. We are trying our best to eliminate tobacco. We need not go down that route again.

    • Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on

      Do you want to jail those people too?

      Any chance you are an ex smoker?

      $109,000 a year in federal jail

      One would think 10,000 for an education or housing or hell nicotine patches made more sense eh?

      Think of the damage meat eaters really cause

      Shouldnt they be jailed too?

      I hope some gay people get my point about some here thinking it best to still jail them too …until more studies were done…and done by straight people hahhaha

      See you all in Ottawa…you wont be able to miss me if you are around for this topics discussion

      Maybe I can look at some the wrong way and be taken to jail so that some do not get nightmares as I stand up for my and 3 million other canadian citizens rights !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Avatar of Dave Yadallee Dave Yadallee said on

        FYI I have severe allergetic reaction to tobacco.

  65. Avatar of Peter Germain Peter Germain said on

    i’m wondering if anyone does research on marijuana?
    let me sum up what i’ve discovered in the last 6 months.
    why does pot get you hi ? its a chemical called thc. how does it work?
    there are receptors in the brain for thc. well that doesn’t make sense
    the brain would not develop receptors for a plant chemical, there has to be a chemical we produce that binds to these receptors.[cb1 and cb2 receptors] yes there is they have found 2,2ag and anandamide .cb1 is the most abundant receptor in the brain , and not just the brain but the entire body is covered in them mostly cb2 . it is an entire system we use to regulate just about everything . its called the endocannabinoid system . google it. google dr.melamede . the endo cannabinoid system is at the heart of evolution. the cannabis plant has over 65 different types of cannabinoids in it . this is the most important discovery in modern medicine . digesting cannabinoids . the oil extracted from the cannabis plant prepared and digested in a certain way
    will replenish and reset your endocannabinoid system. it tells cancer cells to die, turns off the bodies autoimmune system and resets it so
    in the case of t2 diabetes it makes your tissue sensitive to insulin again.
    right now companies like sanofi aventiss and others are scrambling to put out pattens on cannabinoid based medicines. BTW people who smoke cannabis have LESS incidences of cancer then people who smoke nothing at all .
    tests done by dr.taskin ucla.

  66. Avatar of Peter Germain Peter Germain said on

    marijuana is a drug but not in the way you think.

  67. Avatar of Peter Germain Peter Germain said on

    most of the people in jail especially for marijuana related crimes
    should be doing community services etc , it has been shown to work far better then imprisonment , and it’s allot cheaper .

  68. Avatar of Peter Germain Peter Germain said on

    there was a man in nova scotia, his name is rick simpson.
    if you google his name you will get a Ton of hits. from around 2003 and 2009 he cured around 300 people of cancer. he grew pot on his property
    which he informed the police of this. he made oil and gave it to people for free. he found out allot of information on how much is needed and what kind of symptoms people are going to have . obviously the cops were watching him and they started sending sick love ones to him. eventually it got to big, he became to well known. it was working and the news was spreading to the wrong places. the rcmp shut him down , it went to court. they refused to hear statements from doctors and people cured. he was given a $2000 fine . a year later he was in Amsterdam picking up his freedom fighter award and the rcmp raided his house and informed him when he returns he will be arrested. he’s still in Europe
    do you think he should be in jail ? this Canadian knows more about hands on
    cannabis oil treatment then anyone on the planet .

  69. Avatar of kim may kim may said on

    So, how exactly are you going to get this legislation past Harper’s stacked senate? It’s the same old game. This will have to be legalized by “activist”judges. WE have a system that’s so screwed up that the PM can stop legislation of the next govt by loading up the senate. So many bills have died due to falling govts, or stacked senates, I’ve lost count. This should have been legalized in the 70′s but we had to study the study or the study of the study or the research of the study. lol. Politicians jump on this band wagon whenever they know it can’t be passed. Seriously. HOW are you going to pass this legislation ? Pass a bong around the senate chamber? If not, don’t count on the conservative senate passing legalization of Cannabis. This needs a supreme court bypass or a referendum. ASAP.

    • Avatar of John Shavluk John Shavluk said on

      And this is your reasoning not to try?

      You discount any of the Senators being actually human

      Harper only made his latest round of graft appointments because Senator Nolin announced he as a conservative would not support the crime bill because cannabis should be legal !!

      Oh yee of little faith

      It must be done…and it will be !!

      If anything it can rebuild the party and hopefully they will then remember this time when in the drivers seat again

      But not all Senators are as stupid as harpercrit thinks.. I say


      And Merry Ukrainian Christmas

      I need to go put the turkey in the oven…later !

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