Liberal Party/Cannabis

FEB , 8 2013

I because of games played by liberals have quit in my participation at their page
They continue to treat canadians as stupid and play games and may not be worthy even voting for
That remains to be seen by whom ever  out spends the rest to win the leadership

Now as some one who worked very hard to get their resolution approved and as some one who has according to the party even blackmailed the front runner to come clean on his own use and support the resolution and as some one now gone from their pages and had them remove every word I had ever said …well… I do want to preserve the comments that built the momentum to get it approved …in the first place as it was the lowest resolution and we worked it up to # 4 in the biggest and the # 1 as far as shared and Likes !

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One thought on “Liberal Party/Cannabis

  1. considering how embarrassing it was to lose my liberal EDA executive seat and be told it was because I supposedly blackmailed Justin while the truth of the matter was simply confronting him in Ottawa at the convention where i worked to get legal cannabis policy and as he was busy telling media he was against it I called him a hypocrite and said I smoked with you in Vancouver 9 years ago

    He and I had a good time discussing things then and over the weekend and he admitted his own cannabis use and even stopped being openly against it although if I heard Margaret go on one more time how it had been the cause of her mental illness I would have lost it( sure maggy it was not the lsd coke or H eh) anyway there was a heck of a lot more to it I do say but bottom line …. I then spent 9 months telling the party about that conversation and that I had in fact used a camera that looked like a ball point pen and that I would release it as a you tube video if need be to help Justin and them find their back bones as until the party shows they actually will do something about the policy instead of holding their noses no one will help
    Anyway……..I have long since quit the lieberals …and others (pimps of pot )pretend what I did they did ….and I am losing everything including my ( 14 long years to build) marina for doing it because I have a federal government lease and….
    I would not trust Justin as far as I could throw him and he really should be a TV soap opera actor because that is what he really is… Capricorn pig with an Aries moon trudeau

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