PIMP or prince?


I guess I must start clearing the air before the truth gets buried and forgotten


So much damage has been done by this foolish ego maniac politically  here in Canada that it must be  addressed and corrected

I will try to do that

For starters??

Michelle Rainy was one of the BC3 ….

her… emery and greg  were the  3

And she was really responsible for a lot of things that emery takes credit for

even though he did not do it

She passed away Oct 20 2010 and so  it can be  released as more public   I guess  what she really thought of him and his joke fake crusade

Just to stop more wasted resources and time

I wont allow our cause to be side tracked by garbage and lies


But as info to others

People are so misinformed and ignorant about this fool

And no one did more damage in Canada politically than this pompous idiot

I will add much as I go but lots is out there in cyberspace to explain the truth

Before he tried to clean up the truth and after the 2005 bust

Web sights like Treating Yourself


Is a good one

THC in Toronto


Although to read what it says now hidden  in the members only section you need to be a member obviously look for the “”NO HOLDS BARRED”"”……….. SECTION

(here is a selection of comments though )

Postby shavluk » Sat Aug 22, 2009 11:19 am

Hey I never said emery did not use some of the money …..for some good
Yes …some sent in for the most “expensive seeds” out there….he
did use his crumbs not being used by the 4 or 5 women he kept to fight so that
he could advertise those “highest priced cannabis seeds” MORE !!

He fought the law to be able to sell you !!! the highest priced cannabis seeds

It had nothing to do with your rights

it was only emery’s rights or greed ..thats all it was …

Yes he was taking some of those dollars from others and giving it to a lawyer
who did the actual fighting…so he could sell more magazines with the highest
priced seeds someone else was not paid for


emery compensated his lost money by yes not paying my friends who provided the

Some do not know the whole or real story and just want some thing else to
believe in…have fun children !! fill your booties

I should say I do not hate emery…hate requires some caring which I do not

I do hate some of what he has done or paid to have done…though

And his big mouth and mean streak

I also do not like the precedent he now sets as anyone else will now be going
to jail …..now…..just for selling seeds..think about that one as it used to
be a two hundred dollar fine and now will be jail !!!

I say for the record he is a malicious greedy self centered ego maniac and I
took a lot before I wrote him off…..ripping off my wife over something he
ordered himself was the last straw !!

I care squat who you all like or do not but as you see…no one should cross
me……. as I never forget or quit fighting back !!!

emery should have been giving away the seeds …think about it ???

especially if he ripped off some of my grower friends as said

or been the CHEAPEST SELLER !!…out there …YES??






I will always credit mark for spending money in the local paper so that us 79
candidates could get together in the first place to be organized to fight back
as we did in 2000 or 2001…like I said it was him who caused my rather
distrustful attitude of anything he now does

organized political information




http://www.thepolitic.com/archives/2005 … class-act/

“”I did a little digging.. Anyone with a daughter should cringe, Emery posts publically about which DRUGS eg: Coke, will get a woman to perform what sexual acts… *shudder*

“#1 2C-B. This will,make her an incredible sucking, vibrating, bouncing, pleasure seeking fiend for 4 – 5 hours straight. Absolutely 100% goddamn right … We should put it in their food. Daily. Its unfortunately, incredibly difficult to obtain, but I don’t know why? …Then its agreed, for the sake of us all, let’s put it in chocolate so they just absorb small quantities on a regulat basis. ”

“#4 Cocaine. If you want to fuck her ass, this is deriguer. ”

http://www.cannabisculture.com/forums/s … Post215774

(of course the links don’t work any more ….

but I have them all saved !!

like this comment )

“”In fairness to Emery, these two particular quotes should be completed.

In the thread on sex linked to in the update, Emery goes on to write:

I’ve been fucked up the ass by a guy too in my early years”"

I hope someone is saving this stuff and forwarding it to the attention of the oblivious mainstream media, once people start paying attention these type of quotations and candur tend to…disappear.”"

They can not …..as they are saved ….as I say

sorry this guy is an idiot who caused all his own problems
no credible people will bother

only annony’s who hide and who are irrelevant

more here as well


where it says………

“”"I continue to be just amazed at the Emery defenders and apologists.

Is this really appropriate or becoming behaviour for a public figure worthy of all the ink and press comparing him to gandhi and mlk jr and forwarding his personal and political agenda?

Would we not hold social conservative, or any other social activists to a higher standard than we are Emery and cease giving them public credability if their true extremist philosophies were revealed in such extensive and offensive detail?

Emery’s anti-semetic ignorance is NOT a left/right matter of ignorance as Libby Davies was quick to note her own extreme offence to the anti-semetic characterizations made by Emery and his organization. It’s a matter of Canadian sensabilities, and if you think Canadians would let this guy into their homes or to lecture them on marijuana laws after calling the Justice Minster (who is a jewish human rights defender) a NAZI JEW, and talking about using various drugs to yes elicit the desired sexual activities from women. AS for it being consensual, anyone see that part about “we should slip it in their food”? HARDLY sound consenual to me, sounds like something Mr. Emery may have done in the past and it doesnt like he’s counselling others to do the same. Where the hell dose this guy get off publicly saying this stuff? Would any politician/person in public life get away with this and get nothing but smells like roses coverage in the media?

I did even MORE digging, and here is some more nuggets to add to Emery’s hall of shame. I’d like to continue to see his defenders try and justify this, and yes there is oh so much more…

“Judith Retchen, of the Superior Court of Washington D.C. sentenced a man, this man, this quadriplegic with a breathing apparatus, to jail for 10 days … Jonathan Magbie died in jail. Murdered by the state; murdered by Judge Judith Retchen. … part of me says “kill that judge, kill judge Judith Retchen; somebody, some American with any compassion, sympathy, and patriotism should kill this judge; it would be an act of mercy for our culture, it would be an act of mercy for all peoples of the United States; this is the devil put behind a desk, sent out to murder people”

So there you have it all you Emeryheads out there, Emery not only calls the Justice Minister a NAZI JEW, tells people what drugs to slip in women and girls foods to make their judgment just off enough to enter into sex acts they might not under sober conscience — THE LEADER OF A PROVINCIAL PARTY PUBLICLY MUSED AND COUNSELLED HIS FOLLOWERS THAT KILLING A US SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE WOULD BE A COMPASSIONATE ACT.

SOURCE; http://bcmarijuanaparty.com/archive/ret … hings.html

But hey this is Marc Emery we’re talking about, right? and this is about Canada’s horrible evil marijuana laws and our threatened soverignty!

This isn’t about a man who knowing full well what the risks and reprocussions would be, sold millions of dollars of illegal drugs through the mail across the border and now expects the media to spin this in a whole sovereignty debate so he can get off the hook. ….right?!

I dont care how you feel about the marijuana laws. Breaking laws in other countries, especially knowing full well what you are doing, that it is illegal, and that there are reprocussions, that is the issue here. Not to mention THE CONTENT OF THE CHARACTER of a man who the media likes to compare to Martin Luther King Jr.

Where dose it end?”"





marc emery is and always was a phony and his crap about being extradited is also a joke as he was never extradited …he went voluntarily to stop the canadian government from taking his store..or his museum to himself …for “Possession of Proceeds of crime”"

Just pipe up and I will provide volumes of  other stuff and plan to set the record straight so that people do not waste time on the pimple of pot while we need them politically instead


*************************     LETTER FROM MICHELLE RAINY…RIP *************************************

Here is what Michelle Rainy really thought though


emailed copy to me

show details 5/7/10
Saturday, August 29, 2009 3:57 PM.

Marc I did all your dirty work while you lied cheated and deceived. Took
abuse from you and all your crazy women,catered to all your whims and
theirs. In the mean time business’s had to be run and paid. You constantly
committed money to illegitimate individuals while starving the very business
that was profiting. You betrayed me more than any other man including my
father. You never once protected me as I had protected you all that time
ago. My 11 marriage to (XXXX) failed because of my 110% commitment to you ,
my choice. Having no love and only working, watching your hedonistic life
made my soul ache for some kind of comfort, sadly that comfort came from
another fraud (XXXX), it lasted 4 months and yes I married him to keep him in
Canada but then divorced him cleaning up my own mess without causing damage
to the business(he had me arrested coming off the ferry 2003). He abused me
physically and mentally the proof was a glass bong still embedded in a wall
at the store he threw at me. You should have sided with your ‘Greatest
Partner’ , your ‘Angel’ the one who protects you when your fucking numerous
women while engaged to another, the one who took personal loans to pay for
seeds, the one who gave $15000 of divorce money to your spoiled staff at CC
so they could get paid, the one who never took the spot light and hid in the
basement like cinderalla cleaning ,organizing ,stream lining, using my
precious Emilie ,her address sending seeds which the DEA new and
investigated her, borrowing money on her Visa when you would have temper
tantrums demanding more money when there was none. You never helped me, only
piled on more shit which I smiled and took. Why Why would I endure such
bullshit unless I believed in YOU and thought maybe just maybe you would
become the next PM or win the Nobel peace prize or the order of Canada, I
mommied you to death, brought love and soul to an organization full of
greedy bastards. You never cared about my well being, Crohn’s, hell I was
given a death sentence last year, multiple cancer surgeries and not once did
you try to give love compassion to me Jeff or Emilie. You betrayed me and
sold me out to the DEA, jail blogs, CC forums told the whole story and I had
no defense, just as you stated on 60 Minutes and every media outlet you have
been on ‘everything I did was transparent’ , which of course it was. I never
testified against you, only gave the same proffer as Greg and are you
accusing him of betrayal too?? I only confirmed what they already knew,
which shocked the hell out of me. I took responsibility for my guilt and my
country, not burdening myself and others with a 100% guaranteed extradition
if dealt with in Canada. I am not in the spotlight at all, accusing me of
gaining anything is a joke, from July 29 its been all about you and before
that too of course, after you broke your engagement with Cheryl at xmas and
brought Jodie forward it became the BC2. Didn’t bother me at all, I
preferred to be in the back ground and still am. My shows have little
viewers Marc, I receive no attention, I do them to promote everyone and
hopefully inspire others to be pro active. As for TY we volunteer, always
have, we tried to do the same with you and CC but constant rejection and
your dedication to Randy interfered. Other magazines appreciated Jeff and I
so they took us on, we need a pay check too. I guess facilitating over 100
exemptions voluntarily, sending and handing out my education packages which
include your sites, speaking with Irwin Cotler,Preston Manning,conservative
insiders, begging 500 influential people that do not hang out on Facebook
for your freedom is fraud.  I wore the ‘FREE Marc Emery’ shirt for 62 days
straight, NO ON ELSE DID, lobbied for you freedom relentlessly while being
embarrassed by the dumb ass female lawyer you hired and payed for an IC
ticket too who plead guilty for you in Saskatoon. Narcissistic megalomaniac,
which I supported no matter how immoral or unethical. You have tried to
humiliate me, demean me, abuse me, tear me down, accuse me of gossip when
you are the very one posting your interpretation of your world for all to
see. It was impossible to take any time off, xmas was spent doing damage
control for you and your mistress’s while you vacationed with your spouse
someplace else. You will never know how much pain you caused me. Running a
marathon everyday when all I wanted was to end cannabis prohibition with
respect and decency.  As for legal fees, well you gave me half the store all
those years ago as security because of the revolving debt, we owed Emilie
from months back for a pile of other shit, I walked out with massive debt
which I have been paying back, you have debt as well. I have no idea what
was collected for the past 4 years from BC3 promotion. Whatever is left of
my fees I will take care of. John Conroy will validate that you did not make
a plea deal on my behalf.


To ever make  a real difference
people need to forget about the pimple of pot ..
the pimp of pot
and stand up and get political !!!!
Please stop wasting time over fairy tales !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
STAY TUNED…………………………………….

2 thoughts on “PIMP or prince?

  1. from


    where I said and as was deleted and more below

    “”"”"I was told to drop it or be banned so I guess remove me
    I wont stand idly by while lies and censorship take place

    I will post what I said at pottalk.ning.com and shavluk.com

    And I will put this link and what was done here

    To any that really stand for ending cannabis prohibition please come look and please stand up and help me to help us

    I have no more time for fan sites of traitors of our movement

    Thanks alot mr and mrs fagin”"”"”

    Seems these two dont want anyone exposing their poster boy to cannabis exploitation in the guise of activism….hahhahhahhaha

    Here is the post link and then what I said

    John Shavluk
    I posted this in response to the emery begging story and obviously one of the Fagins felt it was not for your eyes
    It was in response to this


    WOW…What whooooooey !!!

    Some of you blow me away and just actually make me even howl with laughter !!

    I sit here driving myself crazy as I try !!… to figure out how the hell I could even get to Ottawa for Jan 12 after years and years of work with in the Liberal Party now has them to where I took the greens 5 years ago and even nearly the ndp 8 years ago (in fact it was at that quebec city ndp attempt that I knew they would never ever help because of penitentiary union workers as did dana larsen and others yet???
    More whooooey as I watched you all stupidly get orange crush like idiots and ignore a party who had policy to free us )

    Bizarre now as I see fools thinking they are actually doing activism by giving or spending money to give some one who cowardly volunteered for a jail term then making seeds now a 5 year offence from a 200 dollar fine ….rather than fight after we even gave him $50 grand to do so….and as he had promised to do

    Instead we watched him spend $80 grand just to stop a head shop owner from using the words cannabis culture and then in fear of loosing his cash cow store with that added (2008) Canadian charge of “possession of proceeds of crime” that you of course never hear about and then go with his tail between his legs trying to become infamous and a martyr as he speculated that he was Ghandi and Martin Luther hahhahha

    Yes after takin up to $40 grand a MONTH sellin the highest priced seeds on the planet my friends grew hahhahhaha

    and get this kiddies …..
    to this day he still makes more than any of those who gave money !!!!!!!!!!!!


    I am still making payments to go to quebec city for the ndp convention and yes the greens one in pictiou nova scotia 2 years later
    I even sold… more like gave away…. some of my prised possessions just to get there and borrowed to get others there as well hahhaha

    And now I see this retarded ness

    When I got the first resolution that would have given re legalized cannabis as a policy in the ndp I tried to get your hero here … the pimple of pot ….to finally sign up in the ndp ….something he still hasnt done by the way ….and come help us….to get off his ass and walk the talk he pretended he did !!!!!!!!!!!!

    mark emery (his real name by the way ( tooo many marks in high school so he illegally changed its spelling hahhhahhaa) any way mark openly mused that “””what would he do if we ever did get it legal !!!!!!!!!!!!!”””””

    And said he wouldnt come

    Michelle Rainey said to me …””” he said there were too many hot 15 year old girls hangin at the store and he couldnt leave””””

    What a saint !!!!!!!!!!

    I have worked for 20 years politically on this
    And the only real answer is where it started and that’s in Parliament !!

    Where we are now ….with an actual party that could actually do it is
    ……..depending on this convention in Ottawa jan 12 2012

    I proved I was libelled by elizabeth may and the dead green party and yet I am being bankrupted with their legal fees as the victim and making payments on my own costs yet I proved she lied ….harper I am sure was involved in the sham court and what happened will come out some day !!

    Now she says she wont bankrupt me if I stop destroying her and the greens and take down my u tubes showing her lies !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok screw it ..I have never ever been helped ever except for 100 dollars from Kelly Christie once

    I don’t ask …as its not my way usually…I say I am the lone stranger in jest because I find so many are silly about what they think activism actually is

    But ok ….maybe instead of travelling money so jody can fly in and kiss his ass twice a month …. as time goes by

    How about spending some that isn’t a waste and stands the chance to actually FREE ALL OF US ?????????????????
    I know I should be in Ottawa and at this convention FOR US !!
    I was successful being selected as a delegate…..(no doubt I say to be honest I have conversed with many of them for years and they know obviously our work)


    Its $675 just to book a spot at convention airfare hotel or car rental bed I guess

    Will any of you help please?

    Or is it about only helping those who just exploited you and actually did nothing that wasn’t just going to get himself some attention?????

    Will anyone help me please to help us?????


    So they were too cowardly to allow my post and as I said I would instead post it here

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